Friday, September 30, 2016

October 2016 Printable Calendars

Everything leads to October. :P My favorite month is here!

Been working on several projects, and I can't wait to share them!! Earlier this year, I took a huge risk, and made a promise to myself to only take on design projects that I really wanted to do, and that would best reflect my design style. (Thanks to my husband for giving me the go-signal to do this!!) 2016 is my year of designing for myself---after 10 years as a graphic designer. (Wow, 10 years!)

Committing to yourself is so. freaking. scary. And crazy! You are your own client, and it's always, always a struggle to put tasks off for later. Doing client work was pretty mechanical for me already. I would send a project brief for the client to fill up, and then based my designs on what the client needed. Now that I'm designing for myself, I'm getting used to a whole new system, where I hole up for days just painting and drawing away. That's IF I can hole up. :P There are the restaurants, and meetings, and of course, workshops that pull me away from that. Also, learning how to say "no" to work is so hard for me to do. My mentality has always been "if I can do it, why shouldn't I help you with what you need?". I still feel guilty about being selfish with my time sometimes.

No one says that you need to start resolutions in the beginning of the year. Starting this month, I'm making it a point to be strict about my meeting schedules, so that I can spend more quality time with my paints. :P

So if it's part of your resolution to add more creativity into your lives, then these events and new workshops are perfect for you.  Click on the event titles to sign up for the classes.

November 12-13
@ Antipolo

November 27, Sunday
2-6pm @ Pipino, Teachers Village, QC

Monday, September 26, 2016

Letters & Patterns Watercolor Workshop

This month, I put together a new class: The LETTERS AND PATTERNS Watercolor Workshop!

The workshop was held at Pipino on Malingap Street, Teachers Village. We all had delicious vegan platters for merienda. :)

We used Sakura Koi watercolor sets, and all students received watercolor pads, a waterbrush, and a superfine 3/0 detail brush both from Sakura.

I've been using the Sakura Koi field sketch box since I bought a set during one of my trips to Japan. They come in a nice compact size that's perfect for travel. When it comes to watercolor palettes, I like my pigments dry, and I feel like I get to control the watercolor's consistency better with this palette. Even with tube watercolors, I leave them on pans to dry before I use them. It's one of the best brands for student watercolors in the market.

We went through basic washes, strokes, and color mixing. The workshop is perfect for beginners, and those with zero confidence with their drawing skills. We painted basic geometric shapes, and used these to form letters!

We combined shapes to create abstract motifs.

Then, we digitized the illustrations and created patterns and postcards. I absolutely love seeing students' faces when they see their works turned into patterns. We did a postcard swap in class, too!

Happy students with their artworks!:)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 2016 Printable Calendar

Spent a week in Siargao with my best friend and our boyfriends :P I painted this lilium pattern using ocean water and used sea shells as my palette! :P

My Top Phone Apps for Photo Editing

Currently living in my new Dr. Martens Lite--my fave shade of tan :)

 Looks like I watercolored on the floor, but these are actually just a bunch of effects done with some FREE photo editing apps on my phone.

All of these effects can easily be done on Photoshop on a laptop/computer, but for the times when I'm mobile, here are the apps that I use when I want to play with photo effects and overlays:

MagicEraser, Patternator, Pic Collage, and Piclay


I started with this muddy painting I created a couple of weeks ago.

Using the MagicEraser app, removed the background color, and saved the image as .PNG (transparent background)

I did the same for my shoe-selfie :P

Wasn't so OC when it came to removing the background bits, because I want to layer this on top of the edited photo later.

Opened the transparent image on the Patternator app. Played with the type of repeat pattern, and the scale. When you're happy with how it looks, save your pattern.

Using the Piclay app, blend the original shoe-selfie photo and the pattern with the overlay effect. 

Save the photo. (Don't worry about the pattern covering the shoes!)

With the Pic Collage app, layer the previously saved photo with the photo of the shoes without the background (in step 1).

Adjust to align perfectly with the photo underneath.

Lastly, edit / tune image the photo's brightness, contrast, highlights, etc on Snapseed by Google :)

It does take quite a number of steps, but editing photo overlays are possible on the phone!;)