Monday, July 25, 2016

Scripts & Serifs: A Modern Calligraphy Workshop

YES! learning new things having more time for yourself self-improvement going offline, even just for a bit ;P

This Modern Calligraphy workshop covers freehand pointed pen techniques to help you develop your own style of Scripts and Serifs.

In this class, students will learn how to mix their own white and gold ink. We'll start with practice strokes and movement drills, and enhance our own handwriting style with calligraphic strokes.

Beginners are welcome in this class! Even if you have no previous experience with calligraphy, you'll be able to learn the basics in this 3-hour intensive course. Writing with white ink is much easier than it looks! 

Those who are looking to refine their skills will learn new techniques in creating botanical illustrations with the calligraphy pen.

The workshop features a well-curated workshop kit, which includes:
- a wooden oblique nib holder
- bleed proof white (full size)
- gold gouache
- two (2) nibs
- LifeAfterBreakfast black calligraphy pad
- ink jars
- workshop zines
- meal & refreshments

To schedule a private class, e-mail

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See you in class! ;)