Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunny Sunday Workshop

How nice would it be to always have this wooden backdrop with 'floating' florals whenever I teach workshops? :P This beautiful set-up was prepared by Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay, where I taught a mini calligraphy workshop on a sunny Sunday morning.

I prepared a Gold Calligraphy kit for the hotel guests :) Thanks to my Mom for helping me set-up the workshop materials!

Loved that families came to join today. Participants perfected their movement drills and everyone was able to write in calligraphy successfully!

We were served these yummy sandwiches for snacks, and then later on, my family was treated to an awesome lunch at Restaurant Verbena!

Finally checked into our humongous room! 

All this space is such a treat for condo-dwellers like me and Peej. :P And there is absolutely no chance to be hungry here. In-room, we were served a cheese platter in the afternoon, and had milk & cookies + cake for dessert at night! 

Love how it's so relaxing and quiet here. A perfect place to paint and take photos. For some reason, I love the harsh light & shadows of the noontime sun (even though our photography teacher back in college warned us to never shoot at lunch). 

Excited to paint more motifs at the garden tomorrow!

I'm teaching Botanical Illustration (morning) and Botanical Watercolor (afternoon) workshops at Discovery Suites Ortigas (across Podium) on May 8, Sunday. To join, you can sign up at :)