Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All The White Things

What. Am. I. Doing. Clumsy me just bought a bunch of superwhite stuff. With all the ink and paint that I work with every day, is this a disaster waiting to happen?? Aaack. But, white is pretty! Haha. Well, at the very least, wearing all these white things is teaching me to be more conscious of my movements, and less of a klutz (so far!!).

I just realized that in the past 3 years, I've bought more sneakers than heels! Says so much of what my work requires: standing all afternoon (sometimes all day!) at my workshops. And since the beginning of 2016--in all 10 weeks of it, haha-- I've already conducted 30 workshops! Crazy, I know, but I'm really happy that more and more people are spending time away from their screens and focusing more on moving their hands and making beautiful things.

My newest pair in rotation are these Reptile Stan Smiths. It's so interesting how the pattern is created by the cutout leather & suede. Textured white was love at first sight. :P

Ordered these online in the States (because, really, who has time for mall shopping? Buti ka pa.) and had them shipped straight to my door via Shipping Cart. Sign up for free, and you'll get your own Shipping Cart account holder's US address! You can track and consolidate your items when you shop from different online stores, and you get a report once they arrive at your US address.

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Been using my white bucket bag for over a week now, too! :) I know it looks tiny, but it actually fits everything I need. Trying not to carry big bags anymore because I tend to dump in so much stuff.

Here's the secret to keeping white things white: Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofer! Sprayed 3 coats all around, and soaked it with the waterproofing spray. Now I don't have to worry about getting my bag dirty! I swear, it really repels off the liquid.

Visit to order and waterproof everrrythaaaang! :P