Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday7: Sweet September

o n e
Our favourite verse is also our wifi's name at home. Haha :P Reminds us to always be grateful for what we have, for the good and the bad, for the big and the small.

t w o
Absolutely loved this interview of Mansy and me by our good friend Macy. You can read it on Mansy and I always joke that our photoshoots together look like prenups! :P Thanks, Macy, for allowing us to share our thoughts, stories, and dreams about crafting. Thank you also to Bride and Breakfast for including me in their list of awesome calligraphers! 

t h r e e
I've already taught 9 workshops this month and we're not yet done with September! It's been fun, but I CANNOT wait til October (my fave month!).  Next month, I'll be celebrating LifeAfterBreakfast's birthday! I'll be having a Stamp Swap on Oct 3 at the Katipunan Art Festival, crafting by the beach in La Union at Craft Camp on October 17-18, and I'm also planning a few by-invite-only workshops for students who have already taken the previous classes. Super excited for all the upcoming events!

f o u r
My current fave at Pipino: the banana choco peanut vegan cupcake. I made this recipe years ago, and so happy that my amazing staff at Pipino have perfected it-- I think it's even better now than before! :P Super moist and with just the right amount of sweetness. There are fresh banana chunks in the cupcake batter, topped with peanut butter choco flavored frosting using unwashed sugar that we grind ourselves. Making a mental note to add this to my Christmas gifting list!

 f i v e
New flipflops from Havaianas, yay! This wobbly, hand-drawn pattern is ♥.

 s i x
Gifted myself with a layered set from the L'Indochine x HeyJow jewelry collection. You can check out the beautiful designs in the L'Indochine stores in SM Megamall & SM Aura. You can mix and match 3 pieces in this set: choose 1 short pendant necklace, 1 stone necklace, and 1 tassel necklace.

s e v e n
Was finally able to see The Curious Artisan's pen holders, and feel them in my hand! These are from the new Balustre series, which is inspired by Philippine ancestral homes. I love this Bolo design, which I am now using for some commissioned illustrations that I'm working on. Also eyeing that Dyosa straight holder!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!