Friday, August 14, 2015

Petal by Petal Patience

I don't have to go far to look for botanical inspiration. Our restaurant Hillside is surrounded by so much beautiful greens--decorative plants, flowers, herbs, succulents!

It's located right inside Cedar Hills Garden Center along Mother Ignacia Ave, QC.

Sometimes, I go out and walk around just to search for something to paint. :P

Decided to paint a rose cactus.  I documented my process so that I can teach this at the next Botanical Watercolor Workshop!

I start off with preparing the palette:
Phthalo Blue + a bit of Viridian, Red + a bit of Brown, Lemon Yellow, Sap Green

Then I lightly sketch the shape.

I just did the wet-on-wet technique on each petal, skipping around the cactus so that the colors don't bleed into each other. With that technique, I didn't have to paint the details over, because I already put enough dark color on each petal's edge to act as its 'outline'.

I used Winsor & Newton Cotman paint for this, and the small #1 round brush that comes with the kit. It's the same paint that I include in the workshop. 

I'll be teaching two Botanical Watercolor workshops this September!

Sept 19, Saturday, 9am-12nn at Hillside QC
Sept 27, Sunday, 3-6pm at I Am Kim Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave, Pasig


PS. To those who have already taken this class, please check your e-mail inbox! ;)