Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Write with White!

Write with White
a mini workshop

Friday, 7 August 2015
Bungalow300 Popup @ Alabang Town Center

Photo credit: Bungalow300

Thanks to everyone who came out to play (with nibs, ink and paper) last Friday. Special thanks to for featuring the event, on their site, too!

 I had to close online registration early because there were so many signups already (over 400!) for this little workshop :P To make sure that registration flow would be smooth, I made stickers for each workshop batch.

Although it was a free workshop, participants got to take home some freebies!

The first 24 participants got to take home a free workshop zine. EVERYONE got a free nib & black paper (thanks to CraftCarrot, who also had a pop-up store during the event), and a small tub of white ink from me!:P

Photo credit: Bungalow300

Taught a total of 4 classes (hands-on style!), with over 80 students that day.

Saturday was another full Calligraphy day! I taught a morning calligraphy workshop at Pipino.

The class covers modern caligraphy basics + a quick gold leafing activity!

In the afternoon, I taught a Dipped Pen Doodles class.

It was a super relaxing afternoon -- no pressure to write letters! But I did teach some basic drawing, and then we all mixed our own inks.

 Veggie burger snack from Pipino!

Check out the students' amazing works!

If you'd like to join an upcoming Calligraphy workshop (complete with an awesome calligraphy kit), sign up at :)