Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015 Printable Calendar + Mixtape

You may (or may not) have noticed that after over 24 months, I took a long break from designing my calendars. But thanks to jetlag --which never fails to make one feel soooo lonely at 3am (huhuhu)-- I had a little too much time to make a new batch of printables for this month, plus a mixtape! :)

The calendar background of birds was drawn using white bleed proof ink on black paper. Been having too much fun doodling (instead of just writing) with the calligraphy pen. These flower doodles are for new workshop handouts!:)

Panic mode: there are exactly 30 days to go before the first half of the year is over! Time to check on your 2015 goals, cross-out what you've already accomplished, and revise/remove those that don't matter or make much sense any more. If seeing your entire month at a glance is way too overwhelming, here's another printable for you: a weekly calendar spread to help us all micro-manage...and breathe.

Waiiiit! Is summer over?? But I haven't gone to the beach yet! :P I'm suuper excited for this week's trips with friends. Here's a fun summer mix of songs to dance to while you pack your bags for your next destination. Haha! Enjoy!:)