Friday, February 6, 2015

Macro Macramé

I've been experimenting with different types of weaving, and for a recent shoot for Lifestyle Network Global, I thought of challenging myself by trying out macramé. Macramé is the art of knotting rope, string, or cords in a specific numbered pattern, to create decorative pieces. I used to have a macramé craft book when I was younger, but most of the instructions were for friendship bracelets. This time, my goal was to make a decorative piece to hang on the wall.

All you need is some rope (I used cotton, because I'm thinking of dyeing it later on), a pair of scissors, and a stick/branch/rod. Didn't have time to go to Divi, so I got my supplies from the Kamuning Market. When using fallen branches/sticks, make sure they're completely dry already!

After about a hundred knots, this is what I came up with! I frayed the edges also (see first photo above) just because the tips looked so weird, like they all didn't know where to go. Haha :P Warning though, fraying the tips take FOREVER. Well, ok, I was eventually able to finish the piece, but it took muuuuch longer to fray the ends than to knot the main body.

And then I decided to make another piece for our friends at Limbaga77.

The creation process is super fun and easy. The rhythmic counting makes it almost mindless. Almost. :P