Sunday, February 22, 2015

Washes and Wishes

I got a few new paint supplies this week, and in between work, workshops, and meetings, I test them out. Here are some sketchpad shots.

Watercolored Carnations

My current favourite detox drink at Hillside: the Colada Cooler!

Used a 10/0 round brush for this entire piece (a bit lazy to switch brushes, haha) and tried out my new Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor set. Still getting used to the sticky pans, but I'm loving the pigment!

While we were in LA over the holidays, mu husband PJ gave a goal-setting workshop for our family, and it really helped in defining the things I want to do in the next couple of years. I'm making this one of my top priorities for this year:

PJ celebrated his birthday last Wednesday! His only wish was to spend it with family, so that's exactly what we did, starting with lunch at Pino, and then followed by an impromtu jam with Papi, our nephew Isaiah, and Tito Armenio. Thanks to Tita Nene for taking our photos!

Not many people know this, but back in high school, I used to play the guitar for our school masses and extra long prayers before each class (hehe delaying tactics!). I even made the music for our graduation song then! haha *cringe*.

Oh, and I surprised PJ on his birthday by designing and printing this fold-out Zine containing his Wattafriend Instagram Posts and online jokes! Check out @PJLanot on Instagram and Facebook for more laughs!

We ended the day by going to Ash Wednesday mass, dinner with family, and drinks with friends. Happy birthday, Love! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Breakfast Club: Valentine Edition

It's a wonderful thing to share my favourite meal of the day with other people who equally love it. The Breakfast Club was (unofficially) formed during Em & Euge's Batanes Wedding, followed by a breakfast couples cook-off in our little condo. The idea is we all pitch it to bring ingredients and cook our favourite breakfast food, and share it with the whole group. It's actually a fun couple activity because each husband-and-wife couple works together on their potluck meal.

We decided to make Valentine's Day this year extra cheesy by 1) holding Breakfast Club exactly on v-day, and 2) going all out! :P Aside from cooking the main dishes from scratch, we also took couple souvenir photos and made placecards!

Fresh Strawberries with Dulce de Leche. Grilled Cheese by Em & Euge.

Veggie Inasal Chunks, Potato Hash Cakes, Spinach & Kale Salad by me and PJ.

Chicken Tocino by E&E, and Beef Tapa by Jean and Eric.
Thanks for hosting it at your place!

"Guam bread" and Baked Bacon from Dar and Dokes.

And then for dessert, we had coffee by Kape Komunidad (c/o Ryan, Jean's brother) Jello in Jars, and Tsokolate Batirol.

Hope you all had a great Valentine weekend!:)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Macro Macramé

I've been experimenting with different types of weaving, and for a recent shoot for Lifestyle Network Global, I thought of challenging myself by trying out macramé. Macramé is the art of knotting rope, string, or cords in a specific numbered pattern, to create decorative pieces. I used to have a macramé craft book when I was younger, but most of the instructions were for friendship bracelets. This time, my goal was to make a decorative piece to hang on the wall.

All you need is some rope (I used cotton, because I'm thinking of dyeing it later on), a pair of scissors, and a stick/branch/rod. Didn't have time to go to Divi, so I got my supplies from the Kamuning Market. When using fallen branches/sticks, make sure they're completely dry already!

After about a hundred knots, this is what I came up with! I frayed the edges also (see first photo above) just because the tips looked so weird, like they all didn't know where to go. Haha :P Warning though, fraying the tips take FOREVER. Well, ok, I was eventually able to finish the piece, but it took muuuuch longer to fray the ends than to knot the main body.

And then I decided to make another piece for our friends at Limbaga77.

The creation process is super fun and easy. The rhythmic counting makes it almost mindless. Almost. :P