Monday, October 20, 2014

A Weekend of Design: DesignTalks at ManilaFAME and the Type Kita Exhibit

What an October it has been! I'm sure this month has been crazy busy for everyone else. I have been blessed with so many great opportunities this month, and am really grateful for all the work (and the support for my work!). One of the major things that happened this month was being a speaker at DesignTalks at ManilaFAME this year. For those who don't know, ManilaFAME is a biannual exhibition of Philippine-made products for export. It really is a must-see if you are a design-lover, and also if you simply just want to feel proud of the artisans of our country!

DesignTalks at ManilaFAME were held every afternoon of the trade show, with speakers from various design fields from all over the world. It was such an honor for me to be invited as one of the speakers on the last day, together with other awesome people!

Such a cozy setting for the DesignTalks!

I spoke about Crafts and Creativity,
focusing mainly on how EVERYONE (not just artists!) can live a creative life.

Photo Credit: DesignWeekPhilippines

Other amazing speakers included Colvin English of ByHand Consulting, Carl Mamawal of Nyfti Bicycles, Aisa Mijeno of SAlt, Joshua de la Llana of Tactiles, and Jen Horn of Tala Luna.

Photo Credit: DesignWeekPhilippines, except for last photo: by Patty Laurel-Filart

I can't thank these ladies enough! Thank you for being the best cheering squad!:P

Thanks also to Ate Ria, Jojo, Tita Ditas, and of course, to my Mom and PJ! :)
Photo by Ria Faust of @Sugarcansf

Congratulations to the DesignWeek team for this amazing event! All the talks were free, too. When I was a student, I remember signing up for ALL the talks, seminars and workshops that I could find. I made it my mission to study, read ,and learn everything that I could about anything and everything about crafts and design. That inspired me to paint this word for last weekend's TypeKita Exhibit!

Watercolor Lettering using hydrus paint + masking fluid!

I missed out on a wonderful event, and was so jealous of everyone's posts on Instagram! But happy that I got a chance to sneak in just before the doors opened to the public! So many amazing works! 

Search for the hashtag, #TypeKita on Instagram to view more photos of the event.

Hope you all have an amazing week ahead!:)