Friday, September 19, 2014

Travel Diary: Back in Hong Kong

We landed in Hong Kong on Tuesday, right when storm signal no. 8 was over the island. Yup, we were on PR300 that morning, on which we experienced the scariest airplane descent. Even before we departed Manila, the Captain already warned us that landing would be turbulent, but no one expected that crazy rollercoaster ride on air! The plane began its descent, but the wind kept blowing it out of its path, rocking the plane side to side. Each drop was worse than the last, so the pilot decided to bring the plane back up to attempt another approach. Everyone was shaken, all left hanging, as to what was going to happen next. Would we try to land in Macau? Would we head back to Manila?

They announced that it would take 30 minutes or so before we could make another attempt to land. This is when I decided to bring out my little pocket sketchpad, and doodle a bit to relax myself.

After another rollercoaster-attempt to land, the plane finally touched the ground. And yes, it was THAT scary, that it made it to the local news.

Smiles of relief. Shaken, but definitely happy to be here.

PJ is actually here for work, but we flew a few days ahead for a mini vacation. First on the HK agenda was to check out our favourite spots: K-11 Design Mall and Homeless, where I got these fun wooden blocks!

Of course, no trip is complete without stopping by my fave resto, Life Cafe.

Love this restaurant on the steps in Soho!

Yesterday, we went to Corner Kitchen in Sheung Wan, and met up with Geneva of a pair and a spare. We had a love time chatting about the crafting scene over some coconut cake!

Earlier today, Geneva invited me to her studio to give her and her team a crash course on watercolour and calligraphy. I brought my personal art supplies to share :P

I always visit my favourites, but love discovering new restaurants, too! This boulangerie called Passion is just a couple of blocks away from our hotel, and they serve the most perfect blueberry danish. Thanks to Ding, Bud, and Don for taking me here. Now, I've got 24 more hours left in the city, so it's time to head out again!

Praying for better weather back home in the Philippines, and for everyone's safety as well.