Monday, September 1, 2014

Download: September 2014 Printable Calendar

With a hangover from last weekend's watercolor workshops, I made two floral calendars for September!

Download the September 2014 Calendars below in

I'm so excited for this month! I signed up for a bunch of workshops because I miss being a student! :P One of the reasons why I decided to teach my workshops is because of the fact that I myself am a workshop addict. Haha! I always check classifieds and event listings just to see which workshops and talks I can go to. I've signed up for livelihood workshops in the most random places, jewelry workshops in Bulacan, Singapore and Hong Kong, business and marketing classes in DTI, culinary workshops in New York, and I whenever I travel to the provinces, I try to make visits to the places where locals make their crafts and projects, just to peek into their workshops and see how they make things.

So this month is a promise to myself to take time off from work and put the focus back on learning something new. Self-studying will always be the more convenient (and cheaper) route, but nothing can ever replace human connection and the possibility of making new friends.

I'll still be pushing thru with my scheduled workshops, though! You can still sign up for the Pattern Design and Fabric Crafts Workshop this month. The other classes for September (Calligraphy and Watercolor) are already full, but I'll be posting the October schedule soon!

Embrace your pace. We will all get to our dreams, eventually.

I was sketching on my journal the other day and this is one of the things I wrote. During activity time at last weekend's workshops, I decided to render it in watercolor. (The 3/0 brush will always be one of my favorites!)

Happy Monday, everyone!:)