Friday, May 30, 2014

Watercolored Tattoos

Back in grade school, my favourite thing to buy at our school canteen were the candies that came with free temporary tattoos. Later on, gel pens were all the rage, and we used them to draw tattoos on our hands and arms. It was all just random, careless fun. I was experimenting with some materials yesterday when I discovered I COULD make my own temporary tats! 

I have been waiting for years to get a watercolored tattoo done by Amanda Wachob in NYC, but she's always fully booked! I scanned and printed some of my watercolored illustrations on some sheets of special transfer paper. My watercolored tattoo dreams are (sort of) coming true! :P 
Watercolored lips that I posted on Instagram yesterday, plus watercolored flying ducks and mushrooms that I made a while back. Not necessarily the images I'd want to have tattooed--I just picked random illustrations. :P
Cut them out but left a thin border around the images.
Wee! Temp tat success!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Between Crafting

So this is how the past few days have been like: I slave away in front of the screen half of the day for design work, and spend the other half either crafting or teaching workshops. My neon orange mani looks so nice against my keyboard. Wala lang!I'm thinking of a caption for this photo and all that pops to mind is "ugly hands". But I really should stop describing my hands as ugly (even if they really are) (okay okay last na yun) because they do so much beautiful work for me, and are thankfully super steady and not pasmado. Haha. And in case you noticed, I wear my wedding band under my engagement ring. Most days, I just wear the wedding band anyway. It's super thin hammered matte gold. Every time I look at my rings, I dream about my jewelry making days in Bulacan (circa 2005), and how I wish I could go back there to make my own jewelry again. Soon.
I'm also working on the new Pipino menu with our kitchen team, and we're adding a bunch of new items like this quinoa-berry-beet salad, pinakbet risotto with pickled sigarilyas (sooo yummy), avocado fries, and three kinds of hummus!
I've always loved QC and thought I would be a north girl forever, but I've recently been holding workshops in Alabang twice a week. The frequency makes it feel less far. :P Also, on this southern piece of land will soon rise a new place to craft! I need to remind myself to breathe whenever I think about this, because aaaaaaaaahhhhhh I'm soooo excited about it!!  !!!  !!!!!!!!!!   hahaha. OA.
Last week, I was supposed to be resting, nursing a bad cold, and all I could think of was this piece I wanted to watercolour. Haha, but I forced myself to stay in bed anyway. Yes, in between crafting, I still craft. Sometimes, it's for a relative or friend's party invitation. Sometimes, it's just to de-stress. Carving simple lines helps with that.
I have a cubby hole of unopened craft supplies. It feels like Christmas every time I see it. Carving blocks, watercolour blocks, fabric brush pens, wood tape, notebooks, and more paper. All just waiting for me. :P

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Watercolor Weekend Getaway in Tagaytay

Whenever I want to get away from the city for some alone craft time, Tagaytay is my go-to place. Solo craft time is so important for me because it's the time I get to experiment with my new materials and new techniques. Actually, most of my instagram posts are fruits of these creative exercises. I start off in one corner of the page, and then work my way to fill it up, without a plan in mind. That they turn out pretty decent is really just a bonus after the meditative creative process. And I guess that's also one thing I like about holding workshops---it's sharing a new hobby / skill that you can lose yourself in. :)
I launched a new workshop series a couple of weekends ago in Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay: the Watercolored Flowers and Watercolored Lettering crafternoons. Tagaytay is always a welcome escape from the heat of the city, and I was happily joined by 60 other participants, plus my whole family! It was my sister's birthday that weekend, so she had a little slumber party of her own with her friends.
We kicked off the weekend with the Watercolored Flowers workshop, with flowers courtesy of Vatel Manila. The workshop was held in the function rooms of Taal Vista Hotel.
Each participant got a Sakura Koi set and some brushes, including a 10/0 liner brush.
We started by learning about the different watercolor mixtures.

And then it was time to pick flowers!:)
Each participant created her own bouquet.

And then we went on to painting, step-by-step.
Participants had the option to take a photo of their arrangements,
and print it using the Canon Pixma printer. 
First step: Underpainting 
Class peechur, yay!

On Day 2, we did Watercolored Lettering. This time, we changed venues to the hotel's ballroom! Soshal crafternoon! :P
For this class, we used Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolor ink, and each participant got to take home three bottles, a ceramic plate, more brushes, and a sketchpad.
Of course, we start with introductions! :)
And then on to some exercises and techniques
The first activity was a brush script alphabet using the 5/0 brush
Followed by lettering postcards of each one's fave quote.
I demonstrated this piece and projected it on the big screen :)
We copied our finished postcards on the printer, and had an artwork swap!
Click here to see everyone's works!
Hi, Tita K, crafternoon suki! :P
Thanks to everyone who joined that weekend, and to Celine and your team at Taal Vista Hotel!

The next crafternoon stop will be in Davao this July!:)
Will post details about that soon.
For Manila workshops, you can check the schedule on the right sidebar of this page -->


Photo credit:
Watercolored Flowers crafternoon photos by Chris Clemente.
Watercolored Lettering crafternoon photos by PJ Lanot.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Workshop Schedule: Rubber-cut Stamps

Join us on May 20 at Bungalow300 in Alabang for the next
Rubbercut Stamping Workshop with me and Mansy of HeyKessy!

Each participant will get a set of carving blocks, carving tools, stamp ink,
and everything else you need to start making your own rubber stamps.
Please fill up the form below to sign up for the class.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

See you at the Craft Pop-Up this Weekend!

My friends and I are hosting a Craft Pop-Up this weekend, 10-11 May 2014
at Pipino Malingap, QC!

We'll be conducting a series of workshops, selling craft tools, artworks,
and craft kits that you can make on-the-spot! You are definitely welcome even if you weren't able to pre-register for the craft workshops. Bring your family and friends!:)
We'll be selling craft supplies such as Washi Tape from HeyKessy, Yarns from Gantsilyo Guru, craft kits from iTryDIY, and Sakura Watercolor Sets & Calligraphy Paper that I use for my workshops. Make sure you come early if you want first dibs on the stock! :)
Our friends from Craft Carrot, the newest craft supplies shop in the city, will also be there to sell calligraphy tools, brush pens, rubber blocks, and paint brushes!

There will also be a stamping station where you can make Mother's Day Cards for your moms!

On May 10, I'll be teaching a Brush Calligraphy and Lettering Workshop. Soooo excited to share this workshop kit with the participants: it includes a Hard Brush Pen (which I used to draw those doodles above), a Sepia Brush Pen, and a Colored Brush Pen.

You can check out  to sign up for the papercutting workshop, 
and to sign up for the crochet workshop.
See you at Pipino on Saturday and Sunday!:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shrink Art Craft Party!

This summer marks two whole years of crafternoons through my LifeAfterBreakfast blog. I celebrated it with a Shrink Art Party with friends at Pino!
We recently re-designed the restos interiors and added an outdoor seating area!
I also put up some of my watercolor typography work in the new function room!
We started off the afternoon with a brief lesson on the activity. I gave out handouts and kits to all the participants, and briefly explained what Shrink Art was. It's been around for years, but to those who don't know, here's a brief intro:
Friends and friends-of-friends came to the craft party! :)
Thanks to my crafternoon partners for supporting the event!
We all used these tools to create our shrink art jewelry pieces.Sharpie
Canon Pixma
My friends' kids also enjoyed making their own shrink art! 
Shrink film pile waiting for their turn in the oven!

Here are some of their super cool artworks!Cha's summer-themed pendants
Ate Tricia's coconut tree and flamingo bag charm with DMC thread tassel.

And then last weekend, my friend Mark cooked for us (thanks for the veggie food!:P) and after eating, I forced them to make crafts we made more Shrink Art!We made guitar picks!!

And I turned simple doodles into jewelry pieces

I'll be conducting a Shrink Art Workshop on May 13 at DMC Megamall.
The workshop is FREE with a P1000 purchase from DMC.
You can head over there to their Megamall Branch to reserve your slot!