Sunday, April 27, 2014

Out-of-the-Blog: The Spring Fling

I love how this blog pushes me to do something creative every day, and how a simple log of the things that I make and the places I visit allows me to connect with so many like-minded people. But life inside was never enough for me. Out-of-the-Blog is where I like to live! :P This is precisely why I organize the Craft Soirees, the Crafternoons, Craft Camps, and Field Trips. To get us away from the computers, even for just a bit. To re-acquaint ourselves with doing things by hand, writing things by hand, sharing laughs and looking at people in the eyes (as opposed to profile photos on a screen :P).

Earlier this month, Patty, Kelly and I hosted the first event of our Out-of-the-Blog series, called The Spring Fling. The idea was to have our blogs come to life to celebrate simple joys, explore our creativity, and promote positivity.
Hooray for happy projects! Kelly, Patty and I met up a couple of times to plan, and then later communicated through e-mail and sms to organize this ambitious event!
Welcome to the Spring Fling!
The event was held at Early Bird Breakfast Club in the new Century City Mall in Makati. It was the perfect setting for our spring theme!
Our guests didn't know what was in store for them that afternoon, and we're so lucky that they still trusted us and came to the party even with the vague invitation! Haha! :P
Early birds at Early Bird :P

 So here we are doing the introductions to explain why we organised this event, and what we had planned for the afternoon.
The event was divided into four major parts, starting with Patty's segment: FOOD!
Ellen of Early Bird Breakfast Club introduced the delicious dishes we devoured that afternoon, all of which are Patty's favourites!
French Toast Fondue
Bacon Jam and French Toast Paté
Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup
 Poached Salmon Aioli and Yin & Yang Champorado
 Nutella Banana French Toasties and Feeling Fruity
Thanks to the Early Bird Breakfast Club for the delicious breakfast food (yay!) and for allowing us to invade their space for the afternoon! They also gave away these really cute patterned notebooks.

And to celebrate Patty's love for travel, Lagu gave away their beach-friendly beach blankets!
Next up was Kelly's FASHION and BEAUTY picks. First, she presented her picks from the current collection of the fashion brand that we all grew up with: Guess!
Kelly's Spring Fling outfit is also from Guess.

Next, Kelly introduced everyone to her current favourite make-up find, Happy Skin Cosmetics.
Rissa Mananquil-Trillo talked about how they meticulously created and tested all the products of their wonderful local makeup brand Happy Skin.Can you guess why everyone was smiling??
Well, it's because everyone got to take home a make-up set from Happy Skin!
For the third part of the afternoon, we headed to the restaurant's outdoor seating area for my Brush Calligraphy Crafternoon! :)
Each guest got a set of Sharpie Fine Markers, Mongol #2 Pencil, a Sakura brush pen, an Enlivo steno notebook, and a set of handouts.
I was so happy to find everyone excited for the workshop!:)
Three best works were awarded with the rainbow roll of Sharpie markers!
We also had a Canon Pixma photo printing booth at the party!
While all of us were busy crafting outside, our super amazing friend and event coordinator 
Marge Montemayor (extreme left of the photo) and her team set the tables ready
for some afternoon tea and surprises!Thank you so much, Marge!!:)
Afternoon Tea (more food!) from Early Bird Breakfast Club

And as if the day wasn't awesome enough,
we capped it off with more giveaways for all the guests!
The fourth part of the afternoon was a BOOM-BOOM-BOOM mala-Oprah way of giving giveaways! Check out the TEN more items that all the guests got to take home:
Canvas totes with leather straps from Joan & Klaire.
Mini jars of Puttanesca & Kale Malunggay Pesto Sauce
Taro Chips
Oatmeal Choco Cookies
from Pipino.
Floral Capas from La Tercera.
Sandals from Lulu Swing.
Sunnies from Icon Eyewear.
VIP Access Pass with 2 MONTHS UNLIMITED Pilates from One Life Studio.
Hair clip-in from Goody.
Purse from L'indochine.
BB Cream from Pond's.
Keratin Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Spray from Tresemmé.
Cupcakes from My Little Buttercup.

After the giveaways, we raffled off some major prizes!Gift packs from Guess.
Canon Pixma P200 all-in-one printer.
Cafe Cagliari Coffee Machine.
Special thanks to Chris Clemente for our event photos!

It was such an exhilarating feeling to share all of this with our friends all in one afternoon, that we're thinking of doing this as a seasonal event! Check out Patty's and Kelly's blogs to read about their #SpringFlingPH posts!