Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Private Crafternoons

The weekend warriors often don't get a chance to join the crafternoon schedules I post on the blog. And I understand that weekends are often reserved for family time. This is why I decided to offer these (not-so-secret) Private Crafternoons on weekdays.
Prices are the same as the listed rates for the weekend workshops (check the side bar --> ), and are inclusive of workshop kits and snacks. All you need is a group of 4 or more. You can have it in the comfort of your own home, or at Pino and Pipino in QC or Makati.
The most recent private crafternoon I taught was with the Espiritu ladies, in their beautiful garden, which used to be a craft school! I thought I was okay with just living in a small, simple house until I saw this. :P Their craft shed is a dream!

 Now, you don't need this much space for your own crafternoon: a table with ample elbow room and space with good lighting will do just fine.
Shoot me at e-mail at lifeafterbreakfast.blog@gmail.com
if you want to book a weekday workshop for April onwards.
(Weekends are reserved for the workshop schedules that I post here on the blog.)