Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Favorite Crafternoon

I feel a certain (geeky) thrill with every craft workshop that I organize. It's exciting to think about all the new materials each student is going to get at a workshop (yes, kinikilig ako for them, haha). I also look forward to meeting like-minded people, and new friends! 

Since the blog's launch in 2011, I've taught/organized about 100+ workshops and craft events already! And I love it more each time. With every workshop, I'd like to think I improve the way that I teach the craft. I update my modules, the workshop kits, make sure that the students enjoy themselves, and are well-fed. ;) The crafternoons used to be just informal hangouts, but I've developed modules for each craft to make sure that all the participants really learn at the workshops.

Most of the students come on their own, some bring family and friends as a bonding activity. Personally, I believe that joining workshops is a commitment to creativity, a resolution for more "Me-time", and a decision to improve one's self.
Oh, and did you really have to guess? :P My favorite crafternoon is, of course, Watercolor! It's fun sharing something that you love so much. In one way or another, all of us had some arts&crafts background--we all drew before we could read or write! This workshop is a nice reminder of something that you can (and should!) go back to.
This was at the Watercolor Crafternoon last February. Since Valentine's day was coming up, I asked each one to make a card, and we swapped artworks!
Here are the participants' watercolor mugshots :P 
At the workshop, each participant gets a Sakura watercolor set. This is my favorite paint set, and these are the brushes that I really use.

For my valentine card, I painted some flowers & stripes.
We had another Watercolor Crafternoon last weekend, this time at Pipino QC.
Our activity that afternoon was to paint birds.
Beautiful work by the students! Hard to imagine that most of them had zero to little background in watercolor. :)
A vegan buffet spread for famished crafters :)

I visited Trina and Mimai at The Ink Squad office to do some test prints with watercolor and doodles.
The designs are printed directly on to the fabric, so the shirt stays soft. The watercolor effect comes out nicely since it's digitally printed!
Planning more workshops to include more crafts with watercolor! Check back soon!:)