Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bianca's Craft Party

Bianca organized a craft party birthday celebration with a few of her friends, and invited me to teach them Rubbercut Stamps and Lettering. 

I decorated one corner of the room with bright colors. Bianca was my blockmate in college, and I remember one reason we got along was because we both liked random kiddie stuff, like the Powerpuff Girls (among other cartoons, haha). I made this String Art monogram on painted wood, which doubled as my gift to her.
B is for Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bianca. :P
I used DMC's Retors Mat thread, which is yarn-like. It's actually my favourite thread for embroidery! Only needed 4 skeins for this project.

We went straight on to crafting, starting with rubber stamp making. After that, I taught them brush calligraphy basics, and we did some practice exercises.
New stamp addicts: Rina, Bianca, Trisia, and Trina!
Thank you for spending the afternoon crafting with me! I love your WOL life goal :P Excited for the next workshop!
Happy birthday, Bianca!:)