Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Craft Party for Sophia

Sophia is the eldest of three very artistic daughters of Daphne Oseña-Paez. For Sophia's 11th birthday party, she just wanted a simple craft party with a few of her friends from school.

Side story: I started teaching arts and crafts to kids when I was just 16. I put up a mobile art school called Art Adventures, and we did workshops for kids every summer for about 8 years. Preparing for this workshop brought back so many good memories of ArtAdv days! Even my husband PJ (who was not yet my boyfriend at that time) would help out and teach with me then!
I made felt plush keychains in different shapes, and the kids decorated them with more felt and googley eyes, and turned them into pom-pom studded plush monsters. Love these!
Happy birthday, Sophia! I made a stamp for her, too!:)
The kids serious at work, in between bursts of noise and laughter.
We decorated totebags and pouches with Sharpie, and did stationery stamping.
The craft party was held at Pino.
Happy birthday, Sophia!
Keep crafting! :)