Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY String Art Monogram

Here's a step-by-step guide of how I made the B string art previously blogged about here.

Tools needed:
Scrap piece of wood, painted
Washi Tape
Ruler or Measuring Tape
DMC RetorsMat embroidery floss
Step 1: Use washi to create your design
Step 2: Starting from the corners, hammer your nails 1/3 through the board.
Make sure that you space the nails out evenly! 
Step 3: Remove the washi tape
Step 4: Pick one color of the DMC embroidery floss and start randomly weaving the thread.
Don't worry if it looks weird and ugly at this time! The colors will look better once you pile them on.
Step 5: Add other colors (I used 4 colors for this one), without cutting off the thread of the previous colors used, so that you can layer them on top of each other. 
Step 6: Knot the ends onto the nails, and cut off the excess parts.

I finished this craft in under two hours.

Happy hammering!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scenes from the Candy DIY Book Craft Party

It's finally out! The Candy DIY Book is now available at local bookstores!Macy, Mansy, Mikko and I celebrated the launch with a Craft Party at FullyBooked High Street last Thursday. This was one of my favorite projects to work on late last year--it's always a pleasure to work with my favorite crafty peeps! :)
We picked some of our favorite projects from the book and set up craft stations in the Bridgeway area of FullyBooked.
And then we all sat down to sign some books!
Of course, I had my own copy of the book signed by the crazies! :P
Estelle (Miss Page 27!) also signed my copy! :)
Bite-sized snacks and sweets were served by Pipino.

Thanks to our friends who came to celebrate with us!
Alexa and Sophia Arancon
And thanks to the Candy Girls, too! :)
Please grab your copies of the Candy DIY Book!
Only P175 each :)

(Shot with a Canon G15)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Type Weekend

I hung out our Stamping Booth at the Type Kita exhibit last weekend, where I (finally) finished this rubbercut ouija board that I had been working on for a while now. This took me maybe a total of 6 crafting hours to finish.
Photo Credit: @pinayjeddahwian

I also made these vintage postcard stamps!
On the second day of the exhibit, I did a quick watercolored typography demo.Photo Credit: @chrisjulian7
Create Beautiful Things  |  Commit to Creativity 
Today is a Great Day for Crafts
Watercolored typography on paper
11x11 inches each (20x20" frame)
Photo Credit: @chessaerikka
Thanks to all those who visited the Type Kita exhibit! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bianca's Craft Party

Bianca organized a craft party birthday celebration with a few of her friends, and invited me to teach them Rubbercut Stamps and Lettering. 

I decorated one corner of the room with bright colors. Bianca was my blockmate in college, and I remember one reason we got along was because we both liked random kiddie stuff, like the Powerpuff Girls (among other cartoons, haha). I made this String Art monogram on painted wood, which doubled as my gift to her.
B is for Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bianca. :P
I used DMC's Retors Mat thread, which is yarn-like. It's actually my favourite thread for embroidery! Only needed 4 skeins for this project.

We went straight on to crafting, starting with rubber stamp making. After that, I taught them brush calligraphy basics, and we did some practice exercises.
New stamp addicts: Rina, Bianca, Trisia, and Trina!
Thank you for spending the afternoon crafting with me! I love your WOL life goal :P Excited for the next workshop!
Happy birthday, Bianca!:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Private Crafternoons

The weekend warriors often don't get a chance to join the crafternoon schedules I post on the blog. And I understand that weekends are often reserved for family time. This is why I decided to offer these (not-so-secret) Private Crafternoons on weekdays.
Prices are the same as the listed rates for the weekend workshops (check the side bar --> ), and are inclusive of workshop kits and snacks. All you need is a group of 4 or more. You can have it in the comfort of your own home, or at Pino and Pipino in QC or Makati.
The most recent private crafternoon I taught was with the Espiritu ladies, in their beautiful garden, which used to be a craft school! I thought I was okay with just living in a small, simple house until I saw this. :P Their craft shed is a dream!

 Now, you don't need this much space for your own crafternoon: a table with ample elbow room and space with good lighting will do just fine.
Shoot me at e-mail at
if you want to book a weekday workshop for April onwards.
(Weekends are reserved for the workshop schedules that I post here on the blog.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

See you at the Type Kita Exhibit on March 15 & 16!

Super excited for the Type Kita Exhibit
happening next weekend!

See you on March 15 and 16 at 10a Alabama.

I'll be showcasing some of my new watercolor and rubbercut works!

Mansy and I will be putting up a Stamping Station on both exhibit dates,
where you can stamp on your own stationery and postcards.

Check out the other events happening that weekend:
Thanks to sisters Maan and Roma Angsalud for organizing this event.
Hope to see you all type-lovers there!

High5Life: Health Promotion for a Happy Philippines

When we started Pipino in 2010, it was our goal for meat-lovers to appreciate eating vegetables more. Adding more veggies into your diet (and occasionally replacing meat with it) is beneficial for one's health, and also greatly reduces one's carbon footprint.

Here are some of my current favorite (high protein) dishes at Pipino.
Kare-kareng gulay with vegan bagoong rice
Chickpea burger with vegan mayo. We whip our own mayo now! I'm so excited to experiment with new recipes using this.
And recently, I experimented with a batch of Flourless Almond Cookies. They're gluten-free, and will be available at Pipino soon.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against carnivores. My advocacy has always been to promote healthy and balanced nutrition, which means adding more vegetables into the diet of meat-centric Manila. Which is why it's an honor to be part of Health Justice's High5Life Campaign for a healthier and happier Philippines. Check out the video below featuring all the High5Life Ambassadors!

Like High5Life on Facebook, and join the campaign!
We hope to see you all at the Fair and Fun Ride on March 30 at Mercato! :)
And remember: