Friday, February 28, 2014

Download: March 2014 Printable Calendar

Trying out my new art materials today! I got the Pelican Opaque Watercolors set, and new Pilot brush pens, both ordered from I love how the Pelican set has such huge pans--I have no fear of running out of paint. :P I still have to try mixing colors more, but from this morning's painting session, it seems like the paint is so thick that it dries fast, making it hard for me to play with my underpainting. I'm giving it another chance--the colors are just too pretty--and will start on a new paint swatch for this set. :)
My favorite from this lot is the Pilot hard brush pen. I ordered the both the soft and the hard tips, but I love how the hard pen has a finer tip, perfect for doodling!
It's got a little plastic thing so only a small part of the brush is exposed.
Catch me hoarding more of these!

And because it's the last workday of the week for most people, and the last day of the month, here's the March 2014 Printable Calendar!
As you can see, I'm still not over my bird illustrations phase. :P

Download the March 2014 Printable Calendar here.

Happy Friday! :)