Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Download: February 2014 Printable Calendar + Valentunes Mixtape!

I knowwww. February only has 28 days, and here I am, uploading the calendar 4 days late. Sorry to the schedules and lives I have messed up because of the delay! :P This past weekend was packed with workshops and birthday parties (at least 2 parties per day!). And even though I tote my art supplies with me wherever I go, it was only today that I was finally able to sit still and bring them out.

For the February calendar, I thought of painting some red mushrooms. Instead of the white dots on top, I decided to make them hearts!
You can download the February 2014 Printable Calendar here.

Aaaaand.... here's a new mixtape! :)
Okay. Let's play a (stupid) game!

2. Throw a love-related question out into the universe.
3. Press Shuffle on the playlist.
4. The next song that plays is THE ANSWER to your question!

Hahaha, let's be topak together!! :P
You can also download the first Valentunes mixtape here.

Happy month of love!! :)