Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Art of Pressed Flowers

Is it just me, or is January taking its sweet time? We're only halfway through the month, and yet so many things have happened already. The new year always brings a blank slate, so maybe I just see everything more clearly, making me feel more 'in-the-moment'.

Last weekend, I learned a new craft that really does make you feel like time is at a standstill. Mikko and her mom, Tita Tocy, invited us over to the I TRY DIY HQ last Sunday afternoon to learn more about the art of Pressed Flowers.
We were greeted by a colorful spread of materials in Mikko's signature colors :)
Mansy, Macy and I each got a set of handouts, and Tita Tocy patiently explained how to press flowers, and taught us different techniques on how to preserve and care for them.
We laughed about how one would never see flowers the same way again, and how she would ask to stop the car on the roadside just to pick some flowers and leaves. Haha, all for the love of crafting!:) On a side note, since crafting with these crazy girls is always a laugh trip, my flowers were flying all over the place because I kept laughing and huffing down on my arrangement!:P

The flowers and leaves were so delicate, each one encapsulating its season's beauty.The flatness and transparency of the flowers made me feel like my watercolored flowers had come to life! It was so surreal, and I had to take a moment to just feel and stare at them.

We chose our leaves and flowers from her personal collection. Then, it was time to arrange and glue them on the paper. There were different layout options to choose from, but seriously, I could have just tossed these flowers randomly on the paper. These flowers will make anything look beautiful!
And this is what I made: a floral letter A!
12 x 12", framed in fern, and trimmed around the edges.
I think this is the start of a new addiction! :P

Watch out for Mikko's Pressed Flowers workshop, coming soon! Follow I TRY DIY on Twitter and Instagram to receive updates on her workshop schedules :)