Friday, January 31, 2014

Sacred Craft Time

January has been crazily packed with meetings, and it's been a struggle to find some quiet time to craft. When I saw a free day on my calendar, I took the chance to escape from the 'real world' for the day and headed to Tagaytay. I'm lucky to have a husband who understands my weird alone-time-slash-creative-retreat needs.

There is nothing like a beautiful view, cool weather, and delicious food from fresh produce matched with a sketch pad, notebook, and some craft tools to really clear your thoughts and let you focus on creating. No wonder so many artists leave the city for life in the mountains.Brunch (at Breakfast at Antonio's) was a spinach omelette and baked beans. It was a huge plate, but I ditched the bread for some of the best hot chocolate in the world.Paper placemats were perfect for sketching out stamps. My Lola's 40th day of passing is coming up, and I wanted to make a bird stamp to design the thank you card from our family.
These tools make carving out the tiniest details super easy. They'll be included in the future rubber-cut workshop kits. (I just need to sort my schedule out, but will post details about the next class soon!)
After brunch, I visited the folks over at Cornerstone Pottery Farm.
 We tried the stamps on clay, while talking about a coming collaboration for March.I experimented with little pieces, and am so excited to try them out once they're baked! I headed home (armed with lots of clay to play with) just before rush hour, and in time for early dinner with the family.

Hashtag, PerfectDay.