Monday, January 13, 2014

Last Weekend's Goal-Setting & Chalk Lettering Workshop at CBTL

It was a nippy Saturday morning--perfect for a warm cup of my favourite Morrocan Mint Tea Latte. The place was slowly filling up with participants for our morning workshop.My husband PJ and I gave a workshop on Goal Setting and Chalk Lettering -- the first of a series of events hosted by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Last weekend's workshop was held in the bright and beautiful CBTL 26th Street Bistro.

Be sure to check to be a part of their upcoming events inspired by the Giving Journal.Our friends Em and Dar, and their Viviamo team did a wonderful job organizing the event!

PJ kicked off the workshop with his usual funny and motivating talk on setting goals for 2014. In between laughs, everyone took some time to be serious and list their dreams not just for this year, but for the next couple of years as well.
Then, it was time for some chalk lettering with me! :PI gave a brief overview on lettering basics, and then distributed these handouts so that everyone could start working on their chalk art.

It was amazing what they all came up with!:)
We had a little competition, and artworks with the most votes won a set of Sharpies! :PThanks to my friends Muffin and Mansy, and to the BDJ Beauty Ministry for joining the workshop!Photo credit: Nicole Romero of Beauty and Sparkle

Thank you to all the participants! (I think that there were 60+ of you! Wow!) We hope that this workshop has helped you to brew your best year. Excited for everything that 2014 promises! :)