Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dip-dyed Thread Necklace

It's been a while since my hands did anything crafty, and they were itching to experiment with something new. I was in Megamall to pick up some stuff, and chanced upon these DMC Natura balls of thread. I have been wanting to experiment with dyeing white thread, and thought that these were just perfect.
Always remember that for natural fibers, use natural dye. Synthetic fibers require chemical dyes. I decided to use some powdered turmeric because I remember how badly they stain my husband's braces when he eats yellow curry! Haha :P
I decided to chop up some thread.
The skeins are so soft and loose--perfect for making.......POMPOMS!!!
I love how the thread falls apart to reveal its individual strands when you cut it.

I cut up lots of long, thick strands, bunched them together. Starting at the center, I knotted them in strategic places to make a necklace. Did random braids, and then added a stone in the middle, together with the pompom.
 At this point, it was already good enough for me, but I thought it *could* look cuter with more color!

Dipped in the diluted turmeric powder, and just left in in for a minute or so. The longer you keep it in, the more intense the color will turn out to be.
Best to lay the necklace flat so that you don't accidentally dye the other parts.
Dip-dyed Thread Necklace

Natura Thread is available at DMC Megamall
Building A, Basement level.