Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Crafty Christmas + Download the Holidaze 2013 Mixtape

'Tis the season of crafting! For our Christmas Eve photo wall backdrop, my sister Aia and I cut up and hung some fringe, and we used a pompom garland to accessorise.

What I am most grateful for this season is the fact that we celebrate it with both my mom's and dad's sides together! I'm lucky to be surrounded by crafty cousins on both sides, and family who put up with all our craft mess and craziness. Of course, a crafty Christmas would not be complete without some handmade presents! Made some leather wallets and coin purses for the men in the family (because it's so hard to think of what to gift to guys!). The wallets were personalised and monogrammed with the recipient's initials.I used my holiday stamp set to decorate our simple gift wrapping. I made a quick stamp tag to save on paper (and time!). Thanks to PJ for helping me wrap all our gifts--our back-and-forth production line was so efficient, that we finished wrapping everything in under 1 hour! :)
Then at 2 in the morning, after all the eating and photobooth-ing, Ate Ria busted out the gingerbread house kit. I whipped the icing by hand (ouch!), and we used it as glue for the house and candies. Amazing how the kids were still up at this time!Our gingerbread house with watermelon patch in front!
By the way, if you're looking to give your mom or the household help a break from kitchen duties today, Pino, Pipino, The Burger Project, and π Breakfast and Pies are all open today! :)

Oh, and here's a new Holidaze 2013 Mixtape for you all! It's perfect background music for a steady Christmas day. :P You can download the playlist here.
And in case you missed the first Holidaze mixtape, you can download it here!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! :)