Tuesday, December 31, 2013

LifeAfterBreakfast's Best of 2013

Traveled to new places
Chiang Mai

LifeAfterBreakfast x Sharpie!
Doodled sneaker workshop with DC & Sharpie at the BDJ Fair
Pattern Design Crafternoon with Sharpie & AdamantEve
Calligraphy & Lettering Crafternoon

We moved into our tiny happy place.
...and celebrated with a 4th of July party!

LifeAfterBreakfast field trips and events
The Craft Camp in partnership with heykessy, itrydiy, and maartey!
The Stitch Camp with DMC at GK Enchanted Farm
The Crafty Field Trip: woodworking & pottery in Tagaytay
The 4th Craft Soiree: Stationery Swap!

We had over 55 crafternoons this year,
with workshops in FullyBooked HighStreet, Trilogy Boutique in Alabang,
and YellowHauz in Davao.


We opened π Breakfast and Pies!Breakfast and dessert under one roof!

1,001 Stickers!Did the words page for the girls' sticker book by Berry Books.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf PlannerIt's my 3rd year to work on the planner, but this one is extra special because I did the chalk art for the cover!

Watercolored WeddingsDid a few watercolored wedding invitations this year!

And according to Statigram, these were my 'best' moments on Instagram:

The end of 2013 has been a sad one for us, with the passing of our Lola Norma. Thank you to all those who were with us during the wake, and to everyone who prayed and continues to pray for the family.

Thank YOU for a great 2013, and see you in the new year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Rizal's Holiday

Guest blog post by PJ Lanot.

As we remember the legacy of the great Filipino icon this holiday, Jose Rizal, I am reminded of what he wrote his family, presumably from his Bagumbayan prison cell on December 29, 1896, a day before he was to be martyred:

“Bury me in the ground. Place a stone and a cross over it. My name, the date of my birth and of my death. Nothing more. If later you wish to surround my grave with a fence, you can do it. No anniversaries. I prefer Paang Bundok*.”

December 30 also reminds me that I’m celebrating Christmas and New Year without my folks, who are now based in the US with my Kuya. Thanks to technology, my thoughts of them never stay in my head for so long, for I know they are just a Facebook Wall Post, or a Skype and Viber Chat away. 

It wasn’t the same for Rizal in 1886: 25 years old, alone and cold, homesick, and always short on allowance. He writes from Berlin, Germany to his mother in Calamba, Laguna on Christmas Day, his fifth in Europe:

“Today, Christmas, I take up the pen to write you a few lines; I want to devote a few hours this morning to a mental conversation with you…”

“For three nights now I have continually dreamed of you and sometimes the dream is repeated in a single night… I like to believe that you are constantly thinking of me and that makes my brain reproduce what is going on in yours, for after all my brain is a part of yours, and it is not surprising, because when I’m asleep here, you are awake there and so on.”

Apparently, thousands of miles, and a seven-hour time differential cannot separate a son’s telepathic musings with a mother. I concur. Another part of his letter reads:

“You know that since I attained the age of discretion, I have always tried to celebrate this holiday for being the birthday of a great man who was the first to proclaim the equality of men, and because this holiday always brings me back many memories of the paternal home…”

“For almost about a week nothing but snow falls; I’m wrong, people on the street also fall, for snow is slippery when it is treaded upon. My friend Viola** and I walk carefully, holding on to each other so that in case one falls, he can grasp the other.”

Note the depth in Rizal’s reference to Jesus’ stance on equality, as Indios in the 19th Century were suffering heavily from racial discrimination from Spaniards in the Philippines. Note also the comedy he puts in snow, and his bromance in Berlin. 

As we throwback on his memories today, I’m sure he’s less concerned that we completely ignored his plea for “no anniversaries” for 117th time. I think he’d be more disappointed that there’s still no fence surrounding his grave :) Happy Rizal Day everybody, enjoy the long holiday. 

* Paang Bundok is a humble place where the Manila North Cemetery and Chinese Cemetery are.
** Maximo Viola earned his place in the gallery of heroes when he funded the publication of Rizal’s first novel “Noli Me Tangere”, earning for himself its proofs, and its first copy. Born in Bulacan, Viola met Rizal in Spain while the former was studying Medicine in the University of Barcelona.

Read PJ's previous Rizal Day post here.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Crafty Christmas + Download the Holidaze 2013 Mixtape

'Tis the season of crafting! For our Christmas Eve photo wall backdrop, my sister Aia and I cut up and hung some fringe, and we used a pompom garland to accessorise.

What I am most grateful for this season is the fact that we celebrate it with both my mom's and dad's sides together! I'm lucky to be surrounded by crafty cousins on both sides, and family who put up with all our craft mess and craziness. Of course, a crafty Christmas would not be complete without some handmade presents! Made some leather wallets and coin purses for the men in the family (because it's so hard to think of what to gift to guys!). The wallets were personalised and monogrammed with the recipient's initials.I used my holiday stamp set to decorate our simple gift wrapping. I made a quick stamp tag to save on paper (and time!). Thanks to PJ for helping me wrap all our gifts--our back-and-forth production line was so efficient, that we finished wrapping everything in under 1 hour! :)
Then at 2 in the morning, after all the eating and photobooth-ing, Ate Ria busted out the gingerbread house kit. I whipped the icing by hand (ouch!), and we used it as glue for the house and candies. Amazing how the kids were still up at this time!Our gingerbread house with watermelon patch in front!
By the way, if you're looking to give your mom or the household help a break from kitchen duties today, Pino, Pipino, The Burger Project, and π Breakfast and Pies are all open today! :)

Oh, and here's a new Holidaze 2013 Mixtape for you all! It's perfect background music for a steady Christmas day. :P You can download the playlist here.
And in case you missed the first Holidaze mixtape, you can download it here!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! :)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Watercolored Wedding Invitations: Ryan & Pia

Sometimes, one can be so lucky to be instantly inspired with a couple's wedding theme. I met up with Ryan and Pia a few months back to discuss their wedding ideas, and they gave me a list their favorite herbs. I learned then that Ryan is a chef. Pia just wanted light colors and flowers added to the illustration. This is what I came up with. :)
The first page is a wreath of lavender, rosemary, mint and flowers enclosing the main details of the invitation.
The second page features the bridal entourage, and the third page contains the RSVP details and map to the venue. These were printed on 240gsm old mill stock. The envelope was printed on the inside with a pattern I made using the design elements of the invitation.

I also painted on a wooden plaque to gift to the couple. It may be something that they can use to style their photos with. I just used the Sakura watercolor with a little less water than usual.
For her gift for her wedding entourage, I had this design digitally printed on canvas totebags with AdamantEve.
Congratulations and best wishes to Ryan & Pia! :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Craft Retreat: Rubbercut Stamps

We're finally in Baguio after a long drive from the loomweavers of Abra. The weather is cool and perfect, and I'm armed with craft supplies good for the entire weekend.

Last night, we had dinner at Cafe by the Ruins. We started with some camote bread and I had the Chocolate ti Agua, which is mexican style dark hot chocolate with just water and sugar. Perfect for the chilly evening!
This morning, we were greeted by the famous Baguio pine trees on our way to breakfast. I decided to do some carving while eating. :P 
I'm happy to announce that each participant of the rubbercut workshop on December 15 will be getting these Speedball carving tools in their kits! We have a few more slots left for that class, and you can register by signing up here.
I made some pine leaves and cone stamps as well. This would look so cute on wrapping paper!
I'm celebrating the holidays by doing the things that I love. And this weekend, I'll be starting on my Christmas presents, too!

Happy Friday to everyone! :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday7: LifeAfterBreakfast Holiday Gift Guide

The 1,001 Awesome Stickers for Girls sticker book is now available!
It's a great honor to be a part of this book together with other amazing illustrators. I did the words page for the girls' book. There's also a sticker book for boys available.
Find them wherever Summit publications are sold. The sticker books are P195 each. Published by Berry Books.

TWOMy collaboration with Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu is launching this week! These Reversible Handwoven & Stamped Placemats are available in sets of 4.

THREEThese Reversible Handwoven & Handstamped Pillows will also be available. The pillows are the perfect size for napping! :P I leave one inside our car, and take another one with me when I travel! Order from Anthill's website.

FOURMuni and Moonleaf just launched their 2014 Munileaf Planner.The planner comes with postcards!
I did the illustration for the Eat Better page.The Munileaf planner retails for only P350 and is available here.
Photo credit: Muni PH

FIVEThis is my 3rd year working for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal. This year's planner is extra special because it has daily reflections & quotes, and is packed with inspiration to fuel your next 365 days. Perfect gift for yourself, or for someone special. You only need 12 stickers in order to redeem this year's Giving Journal.
Photo credit: Em Somera
Aaaaand.... my little boys' / crafter's hands make a cameo in the November spread :P

SIXGive the gift of learning! Sign your loved one up for the next Rubbercut Crafternoon with HeyKessy x LifeAfterBreakfast on December 15. Just note that you are giving the slot as a gift, and we'll e-mail you a workshop gift card. Workshop fee is P1,750 inclusive of workshop kit, materials, and afternoon snacks.

At this workshop, we'll make our own stamps and create patterns on notecard sets, totebags, and many more!Click here to register for the workshop.

SEVENI'll be selling these Handstamped Cases and Wallets plus more LifeAfterBreakfast merchandise at a special Craft Event on December 15. Mark your calendars! :)