Thursday, October 31, 2013

Travel Diary: Shopping in Jaipur

Whenever I visit a new place, I always make it a point to shop for unique handicrafts, and to try to learn from the local artisans. Our 3rd stop of our recent India trip was Jaipur, and I am in love with all the loot I got from this vibrant city!
After touring on our first day, we went to Badi Chaupar, a market square lined up with stores that sell bags, clothes, shoes, and many more beautiful things.
As soon as you get to the stalls, hawkers and vendors will hard sell you into going inside their stalls. "Come in, come in, I will show you!" me what? Haha. The hawkers even follow you to other other stalls and wait for you to shop, just so that they can corner you and make you go into their store. I mean, I have to say that yes, their crafted goods are worth the look, but it can get really annoying! You need to stand up, look them in the eye, and tell them harshly to just leave you alone so you can shop in peace. :P
Wooden blocks for textile printing are lined up on the streets. Wooden blocks are used for cotton, while metal stamp blocks are used for silk.
Leather duffel bags that the vendors tan (after purchase) according to the shade that you want.
Horse bling. I kid you not. :P There was a stall dedicated to just accessories for horses.
Traditional mens slippers. The man in the shop didn't want to sell these to me because he said they were for men, and was showing me the beaded slippers instead. I had to force him to sell me these! :P Also, he was selling it for 2500 rupees each, and I was able to bargain down to 2 for 900 rupees :P
Chef Ed & I bought some spices here, too!
If you like to take your time with shopping, you can go to the shops where prices are fixed. You also know that their quality is really good. My mom got her saris from this store, while I learned how their do printing on their textiles.
The next day, we rode the elephants up to the City Palace and Observatory. It was really hot, but the souvenir store by the observatory made it all worth it for me! Haha :P
I got a bunch of bell anklets like the ones on this man. Plus the cabinet door pulls which I posted here a few weeks ago.
And sometimes, you don't have to go so far to shop! I got these gorgeous bangles at the lobby of our hotel, Marriott Jaipur.  Ahhh, now I want to go back to India just to shop! :P