Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday7: Online Shopping & New Craft Supplies

I subscribe to some of my favorite local magazines through Zinio, and while reading the back issues, I chanced upon this feature on my crafternoons in the July issue of Preview! Click on the image above to zoom in.

TWOThese cotton shirts from local brand Thread 365 are wonderful! I bought a few to try out, and all I can say is that I want to live in these tees. (Say hello to my white file cabinet in the background! :P)

THREEOkay, I know this has nothing to do with online shopping or craft supplies, but I love bibingka! It makes me feel more excited for Christimas! We recently launched a few new items on the Pino menu, including the Pino Bibingka Galapong with Tsokolate Shot. Available at Pino Malingap. :) 

FOUREm and Euge's Batanes Wedding is featured in the current issue of Wedding Essentials. I love how the simple doodled monogram I made grew into so many wedding details: stamp, cake topper, embroidered napkins. Also, it was through Em that I discovered YZA Coloured Printer in Prince David Katipunan, where she had her invitations printed. They are super efficient: I just e-mail them my digital files for printing, and then pick them up soon after! E&E's wedding was a collaboration between the couple and all their friends, and it's funny how PJ and I were credited for the photobooth! Haha, all we had was an instax camera! :P

FIVEWhat I love most about craft time is playing around and experimenting with my tools. I recently ordered these snap buttons from Amazon. At a crafternoon, I played with some fringe, and realized I knew how to braid with 5 strands. :P

SIXMy new stocks of Sakura brush pens have arrived, and I'll be giving these out at the Calligraphy & Lettering Crafternoons in November! Slots for the workshops are already full, but if you'd like to gather your friends for a private crafternoon, e-mail me at

SEVENI've also been experimenting with DMC thread lately, and find that their tapestry thread is really great for making pompoms!

Happy Sunday! :)