Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Craft Detour

My crafty friends and I were all set to go to Bohol and Cebu to celebrate my birthday with a weekend of crafting by the beach. Even after we heard about the devastating news about the earthquakes in the Visayas, we still wanted to go. Anya of Anthill, who was in charge of the craft event in Cebu, even suggested that the craft module include be paired with psychosocial therapy as post-trauma activity for the kids. I was all for it. Until I heard of news about afterschocks and quakes which continued for the rest of the weekend. We all decided it be best to postpone the trip, and not risk anyone's safety. Our prayers are with everyone in Cebu, Bohol, and all those affected by the quake. I'll see you all there real soon!

My husband PJ knows that birthdays are my most favourite holiday :P and although I didn't want anything big for this year, he took over the weekend plans even before I could allow myself to sulk and brood over thwarted plans. We headed to Tagaytay for an overnight trip with his brother Ruben, Olive and the kids, and then on the way back to Manila, I begged to stop over at the woodwork shop.
I just sketched out our initials on a slab of wood, and prepped it with the router, and ran it through an electric saw. I still have much to learn in this craft, and am hoping to go back there soon to make more projects.
My polished pieces :)

In the evening, we celebrated with a dinner at Pino. Here I am with family who are my best friends, and best friends who are like family. :)
Thank you all to those who remembered my favourite day! :P