Monday, September 2, 2013

Download: September 2013 Printable Calendar + Mixtape

The last day of August was nothing less than draining--mentally, physically, and emotionally. I reminded myself to hold on to the thought that tomorrow would be a new day, the start of a new month, a clean slate. I listed down my new-month resolutions and goals, and doodled the dreary day away. I have so much to look forward to in September! New workshops, our new restaurant opening, new projects, and a trip to a new destination. I hope that you, too, will have a colorful month ahead. ;)

Download the September 2013 Printable Calendar here.

And how long has it been since I uploaded a mixtape? Here's one that's been lingering on my playlist menu for too long now. I call it The BRRR Months mixtape because, well, malamig pag -Ber months. Haha, corny. Enjoy!

Download The BRRR Months mixtape from here or here.