Friday, September 6, 2013

A Weekend in Davao

Each time I visit Davao, I find new reasons to love the city. Weddings were what brought us there the last couple of trips, and we spent most of our time on the beach. This last weekend in Davao was for craft workshops, and spending time with April. Looking at the photos, it seemed like we spent more time eating than crafting :P
Upon arriving from the airport, we went straight to a quaint little cafe, Sea Green. We were greeted by the owner, Camille, who is actually a friend of PJ!
I love the slow pace of Davao city life. I told April that it was one of my goals for the weekend was to "fix my life". "Fixing my life" only means sorting out all my to-do lists and notebooks, and consolidating and updating goals. Haha. So while waiting for our food, we started writing. And looky, we have matching red pencil cases! April's pencil case is KAWAII, while mine is KAWAWA. Haha! Our bags are huge because they have to carry all sorts of crafting things like these.
Salad and pasta. Yummy comfort food.
The next morning, we took a 5-minute boat ride to get to Samal island, where we had breakfast. It was a cloudy day, so we just chilled by the beach, and squeezed in a bit of work with fresh buko. I love the city-beach hybrid life!

It started to rain hard, so we decided to head back to the mainland. We had late late lunch at Bon Appetit, a French restaurant that serves the best homemade bread and olive tapenade. I ordered a bowl of onion soup to go with it.Mansy arrived that night, but I think I was too sleepy to take any photos!:P

The next morning, I taught a watercolor workshop at April's coffee shop, Yellow Hauz.
For this workshop, I gave out postcard-sized wood to watercolor on :)Photo on the left by Ainee :)
We took a lunch break, and had some pizza. 
This Garlic Tomato Cheese flavor hits the spot.
In the afternoon, Mansy taught a HeyKessy Washi Jewelry Workshop.She gave us kits to make earrings, bangles, and necklaces.

Here's what I made:Wove some HeyKessy baker's twine + beads and washi-ed some pendants :)
Oh, and before we left, April's mom made sure Mansy and I had pomelo to bring home! So the art materials in our luggage were replaced by fruit! :P Not complaining; pomelos are one of my favourites! April's sister, Sandy, also made me taste marang, which is like a giant atis, except that it has spikes on the outside.

We're already planning for more workshops in Davao, and around the country. Going to Bohol in October for a workshop on my birthday weekend, too! But if you're stuck in the city, check out the new schedule of workshops on the blog's side bar. --->

Happy Friday! :)