Saturday, September 28, 2013

Travel Diary: Agra, India

Agra is city located 200km south of Delhi. Aside from the Taj Mahal, we visited historical sites Agra Fort (walled city) and Fahtepur Sikri (Emperor Akbar's capital in the 1600's).

The place looked like an action movie setting; thus, this fight scene :P
with PJ & Ralph
Intricate carvings on sandstone and marble
More lovely patterns
School girls on a field trip to Fahtepur Sikri
In the afternoon, we went shopping in Sadar Bazaar.Shoes! I want to try making these at the next leather crafternoon. :)
I went inside to check out their local art supplies.Henna tattoo artists on the streets
Mama's Vegetarian carinderia. I love that here, everyone assumes food is vegetarian, so the those that aren't have a "non-veg" disclaimer. :)
And Chef Ed was brave enough to try the street food (we had heard too many horror stories of tummies turning bad). I took a little bite off these fried potato balls stuffed with yoghurt, chili and ginger.
Some of my loot: a pair of shoes, printed cotton scarves, and a couple of sketchbooks made with reeaaaallly nice paper. So cheap, I wish I bought more! :P

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Diary: Incredible India - Day 1

I'm on vacation in India right now. It's only been two days, and already my senses are overwhelmed. I can't believe we're here!! India is one of those places that you know you have to visit in your lifetime; you just don't know when. When my mom found a good deal for the trip, we all instantly agreed to go! It took just two weeks to plan everything, so everything is still a little bit blurry to me. Taking some time off this morning to take it all in.
Over 10 hours of travel from Manila to KL to New Delhi
with Ralph, Ed, Star, Mom, PJ, Aia, and Tita Bubut
On the way from Delhi to Agra, we drove by this colorful school. The children were out and on their way home.
My comfy sandal-flats on white wooden steps
Mom, my sister Aia, and PJ

Doodle Diary: Day 1
Flower inception
Mr. Banana Man
Chutney and Spices
Fruit bowl. More than the colors, I LOVED how all the flavors blended so well together. Yumyum.

After lunch, we drove to the Taj Mahal.
Nothing could have prepared us for this amazing view.
The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial/masoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was completed in 22 years by about 20,000 craftsmen and workers. It looks the same on all four sides, with inscriptions from the Koran made with black marble. And all the designs are symmetrical, except for the placement of the tomb of the Emperor next to his wife.
Exquisite marble carvings
black marble + gemstones laid onto the carved white marble.
THIS is crafting to the extreme level. :P
Patterns everywhere!
A peek at the mosque beside the Taj Mahal. On opposite side is a mirror image of this structure: a guest house that has never been used, but is only there to provide symmetry.
Doorways along the sides of the estate
Can't wait to see more today! :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

For Lazy Cooks Like Me: Bottled Sauces by Pipino

These new bottled sauces by Pipino are super convenient for lazy cooks like me! Together with the Pipino kitchen team, I developed these sauces, which are now available in 100g jars.

Kale Malunggay and Kale Basil Pesto are made with raw greens, almonds, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. They're ready to eat; just put over warm pasta noodles or on toast!
P130 per jar
This puttanesca sauce is one of my faves!
P150 per jar
There's also Pineapple Jam (P150 per jar) and Vegan Mayo (P130 per jar).

For bulk orders and reservations, you may call (02) 44-11-77-3.

Available at Pipino Malingap
39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, QC
Open 11am-12mn daily.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY: Interlocking Leather Bracelet

For this craft, you can use scrap leather or thick fabric. If you're feeling trippy, you can also use paper! :P Here's a quick bracelet project that can be done in 30 minutes!

ONECut up a bunch of Figure-8 patterns. Make 1, and use it as a template for the others. When you cut the leather, fold it in half, to make each side the mirror image of the other. Cut out the center part with a cutter.

TWOSlip a Figure-8 onto one closed flap.

THREEContinue interlocking the Figure-8's to make a chain.

FOURThe only part when you need glue is when you're ready to close the chain.
Just glue the last  Figure-8, sandwiching the first Figure-8 of the series.
I use 3M super strength adhesive glue for all my jewelry and leather crafts.

That's it, you're done!
Making this can be quite addicting! :P

Last night, we had a mini leather crafternoon, almost random and last-minute. I just brought my leather craft stuff, and Patty, Lulu, Chia, Chino and I made little accessories!
If you'd also like to host a mini crafternoon for you and your friends/family,
contact me at

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Stationery Swap

37 makers celebrated their love for PAPER at the 4th Craft Soirée.

Read about the event below, and check out each crafter's work.

Click on the links to each crafter's website / social media accounts to learn more about them.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pattern Design Workshop

Making crafts is a great way to detach yourself from computer work, even for just a few hours in a day. Normally, pattern design that is digitally printed is something done straight on the computer, but for this workshop, I decided to go back to the basics and teach Repeat Pattern Design using just pens and paper.
The Pattern Design Workshop is something that I had been dreaming of for a while, and thanks to crafternoon partners Adamant Eve, Sharpie, and DMC, it is finally part of the regular craft workshop rotation. It's a two-day workshop: on the first night, everyone doodles and draws their patterns using Sharpies, and on the second crafternoon day, we all get our custom printed fabric and make some crafts out of it.
A set of 12 fine Sharpies for all participants.
I gave out the first Crafternoon Zine, which is a handwritten how-to guide in hand-drawn pattern design.
Yummy snacks from Pino
With Krisha of Adamant Eve
Everyone went straight to working on their drawings. We first sketch on tracing paper, and then transfer the image onto white paper and fill it in with color.
On the second workshop day (that same week), we got our fabric with our OWN patterns printed on them! You could hear squeals and little screams around the place, as Krisha distributed the fabric to everyone. It was amazing how one tiny drawing on a square could turn out like this! 

Check out everyone's patterns and happy smiles ;)
I think we spent a good ten minutes just staring at the fabric after that :P
Beautiful patterns made by the workshop participants, printed on canvas.
Finally, when everyone was ready, we started cutting up some of our fabric to make into pouches and pillows. Above are different colors of zippers and DMC thread.
Here are some of the finished products: Donna made two pillows for her two adorable boys using the funky robot pattern she made. Chia, Macy and Risa made pouches / pencil cases, and Carla made a giant totebag! These are all hand-sewn!We also had a Swatch Swap, where we picked names from a bowl and traded a 8.5x11" swatch of fabric with our classmates ;)

Thanks to everyone who joined the first Pattern Design Workshop!

There will be another Pattern Design Workshop in October.

Photo Credit: LAB & Chris Clemente