Friday, August 30, 2013

The Not-So-Secret Crafternoon: Pattern Design + Fabric Crafts

It's been over a year since I launched the first crafternoon, and when I checked all the past sign-up sheets, I was amazed to see that over 1,000 craft-loving folk have attended the crafternoons already! So as a little treat for those who have previously joined the workshops, I gave them first dibs on this brand new crafternoon: Pattern Design and Fabric Crafts.

It's the first workshop of its kind, where we'll design our own patterns by hand, which will later on be digitized and printed on fabric (thus, the break in between workshop dates). On Day 2 of the workshop, we'll be making fabric crafts and embroidered wall art using the fabric that's designed with our own prints!

I'm also excited to have Sharpie on board with us for this crafternoon! Each participant gets a set of 12 fine point Sharpies, which we'll use for pattern design. And of course, DMC will be providing us with materials during the fabric crafts workshop.
The September workshop is already full, but we're scheduling another batch for October. Please fill up this form if you'd like to receive news on the next schedule. :)