Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday7:Craft Collabs and Exhibits

ONE: A Crafternoon with FriendsI can't believe my best friends Patty and Gin have never attended any of my craft workshops! Although, I know naman in my heart that they support all my crafty dreams :P A couple of weeks ago, they finally scratched the crafternoon itch as Patty organized a private rubbercut workshop for our friends. It was a fun, relaxed, 'no judgment, friends tayo' kind of crafting evening. Thanks to Sheila Catilo for the photos!

TWO: Watercolor on WoodI'm excited for today's watercolor workshop here in Davao, because it's the first time that I'll be giving slabs on wood as part of the workshop kit. This artwork above is something I'm working on for!

THREE: Repeat Pattern Stamps for AnthillMade these giant stamps for Anthill x LAB Home collection!

FOUR: Stamps on PillowsHere are some samples of the pillows & stamps. There are 5 different designs with 5 patterns, and they come in 2 sizes. They'll be for sale starting October. Can't wait! :) (Photo above from Anthill)

FIVE: LAB on LiveLoveLolzI just want to take a moment to say... I love Karrots! My dream is to talk like her. :P She's the podcast host of the super funny online show LiveLoveLolz, and when she invited me over to be a guest on the show, I immediately agreed (because I wanted to meet Yaya)! You can check their site to watch their episodes, or subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.

SIX: Venus ExhibitA few of my prints were included in the Venus Exhibit in A Little Piece of Sky in Cebu. The opening event looked like so much madness. I'm so sad that I missed it!
Postcard-sized Craft Prints
Photos are from ALPS Facebook Page.

SEVEN: Instagram ProjectWhat an honor to be part of this exhibit organized by The Podium. It's a photo exhibit of some Manila creatives of Instagram, and will run from August 29 to September 4. I do hope you can drop by and see it!

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Happy Sunday, everyone!:)