Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday7: Weekend Whirl

ONEA bag of chocolate merengue from SwellSweets!

TWOHair day with Patty at Tokyo Posh Powerplant. Saw Danica bopis (private joke, hehe) there, too! Yummy dessert bar by Sugar & Spice and clips from Goody!

THREEGot my tattlys! Gonna distribute these temporary tattoos at the Stationery Swap this week.

FOURInspired by a mother's day card I gave her, my mom asked me to make a pop-out paper bouquet for the opening of Chef Jessie's new restaurant, 100 Revolving Restaurant at the 33rd floor of MDC building along Libis. (Mom taught the staff how to execute it!:P) The revolving area of the restaurant gives you a scenic view of the city, and makes a complete rotation in 2.5 hours--just in time for you to finish your meal. We celebrated Dad's birthday here last Saturday!

FIVEBreakfast Club

Jean + Eric, Euge + Em, PJ + Ale

Balcony Brekky
Fresh lemonade, hot tsokolate, and freshly brewed coffee.(Food photos from Em)

SIXHappy smiles of my Leather Crafternoon students at Burger Project, where we pushed creativity and dexterity to the limit! :P 

SEVENThe first Brass & Silver Jewelry tandem workshop with me and Mansy. I had so much fun at the workshop, I'm thinking I want a whole day for jewelry making! We made real jewellery from silver clay and brass. My hands still hurt but my crafty heart is happy. ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!