Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sharing the Craft Love + Free Postcards

My crafty friends and I will be in UP this afternoon for CRAFTHURSDAY! I remember signing up for alternative class programs back in Ateneo, where I would always register in crafty classes like printmaking or painting. Although organizing a mini workshop for UP students makes me feel excited to share the crafting love, I am slightly horrified at the reality that I am now the one in the facilitator's shoes (read: old!). Haha :P

Buuuut I don't feel old at all, and it's probably because my work always feels like play! Of course, there are stressful moments, but generally, I'm blessed that I'm able to do what I love to do -- every. single. day. And it's a greater blessing that I am able to share this passion with others; whether it's through this blog, through the crafternoons and craft events, or simply by sharing photos through social media.

As a crafter who blogs, I've made it my responsibility to create original content for this blog, and ze internetz. I've also decided to dedicate my Instagram feed to just the 'things that I make', which is why it is such an honor for me to be a part of the Instagram Project. It's a digital art exhibit of some of Manila's creatives, all in celebration of creative content. The exhibit opens today, and will run until September 4 at the Podium Mall. Please do check it out! :)
In celebration of this blog's birthday (LAB is turning 2 this October!), I'll be mailing out a set of these blank postcards to anyone who tags me in their Instagram photo while they are at the exhibit!
How to get them:
1. On Instagram: Take & upload a photo of the exhibit, or of yourself at the exhibit. Remember to put the hashtag: #podiumIGproject
2. Tag me @alessandralanot

That's it, pansit! Postcards will be mailed out after September 4. :)