Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Provide. Pack. Pray.

If you are in the Philippines and are able to read this, I hope that you are well, safe, and dry. Manila and nearby provinces are currently experiencing heavy, non-stop rainfall + severe flooding brought by tropical storm Maring.

Last Sunday, PJ and I were on the road back home from Batangas when it started to rain heavily. Then all of a sudden, our car's wipers just conked out, leaving us with zero visibility on the expressway, at a hundred kilometers per hour! It was pretty scary. Good thing there were no cars beside us! We pulled to the shoulder, and inched the car to the nearest exit. It was a Sunday, so all auto service shops were closed, and the few mechanics who did open their doors were already drunk! We had to stay in Laguna for the night, and prayed for better weather in case we couldn't get the car fixed. Thankfully, our tito and cousin who live in the same province brought a mechanic with them the next morning, but even after the wipers were fixed, we couldn't leave because the expressway was impassable due to flooding in Southwoods. As soon as we heard from news reports that the expressway was clear, we made a run for it and drove back home. Thanks to our friends, for the concern, and to our family in Laguna for helping us!

Due to the storm, many families (about 28,000) have been displaced, and are cramped in evacuation centers. If you are well, able, and willing to help, you can PROVIDE, PACK, or at the very least, PRAY. Below is a list of some relief operations in Metro Manila.

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, August 21), Pino and Pipino will be operating a relief kitchen in our QC branch (39 Malingap st, Teachers Vill). If you want to help out or donate, please send us ingredients for SANDWICH-making and packing. Eco-friendly packaging will appreciated. If you want to volunteer, please come at 1pm. We will start accepting ingredients (and cash donations) as early as 9am. Hope you can help spread the word.

Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid is also accepting donations for their relief operations.


Visit Moms for Moms on Facebook for more information.

Do drop me an e-mail at if you have information on other relief operations for donations and volunteers, so I can post it here.