Friday, August 30, 2013

The Not-So-Secret Crafternoon: Pattern Design + Fabric Crafts

It's been over a year since I launched the first crafternoon, and when I checked all the past sign-up sheets, I was amazed to see that over 1,000 craft-loving folk have attended the crafternoons already! So as a little treat for those who have previously joined the workshops, I gave them first dibs on this brand new crafternoon: Pattern Design and Fabric Crafts.

It's the first workshop of its kind, where we'll design our own patterns by hand, which will later on be digitized and printed on fabric (thus, the break in between workshop dates). On Day 2 of the workshop, we'll be making fabric crafts and embroidered wall art using the fabric that's designed with our own prints!

I'm also excited to have Sharpie on board with us for this crafternoon! Each participant gets a set of 12 fine point Sharpies, which we'll use for pattern design. And of course, DMC will be providing us with materials during the fabric crafts workshop.
The September workshop is already full, but we're scheduling another batch for October. Please fill up this form if you'd like to receive news on the next schedule. :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sharing the Craft Love + Free Postcards

My crafty friends and I will be in UP this afternoon for CRAFTHURSDAY! I remember signing up for alternative class programs back in Ateneo, where I would always register in crafty classes like printmaking or painting. Although organizing a mini workshop for UP students makes me feel excited to share the crafting love, I am slightly horrified at the reality that I am now the one in the facilitator's shoes (read: old!). Haha :P

Buuuut I don't feel old at all, and it's probably because my work always feels like play! Of course, there are stressful moments, but generally, I'm blessed that I'm able to do what I love to do -- every. single. day. And it's a greater blessing that I am able to share this passion with others; whether it's through this blog, through the crafternoons and craft events, or simply by sharing photos through social media.

As a crafter who blogs, I've made it my responsibility to create original content for this blog, and ze internetz. I've also decided to dedicate my Instagram feed to just the 'things that I make', which is why it is such an honor for me to be a part of the Instagram Project. It's a digital art exhibit of some of Manila's creatives, all in celebration of creative content. The exhibit opens today, and will run until September 4 at the Podium Mall. Please do check it out! :)
In celebration of this blog's birthday (LAB is turning 2 this October!), I'll be mailing out a set of these blank postcards to anyone who tags me in their Instagram photo while they are at the exhibit!
How to get them:
1. On Instagram: Take & upload a photo of the exhibit, or of yourself at the exhibit. Remember to put the hashtag: #podiumIGproject
2. Tag me @alessandralanot

That's it, pansit! Postcards will be mailed out after September 4. :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday7:Craft Collabs and Exhibits

ONE: A Crafternoon with FriendsI can't believe my best friends Patty and Gin have never attended any of my craft workshops! Although, I know naman in my heart that they support all my crafty dreams :P A couple of weeks ago, they finally scratched the crafternoon itch as Patty organized a private rubbercut workshop for our friends. It was a fun, relaxed, 'no judgment, friends tayo' kind of crafting evening. Thanks to Sheila Catilo for the photos!

TWO: Watercolor on WoodI'm excited for today's watercolor workshop here in Davao, because it's the first time that I'll be giving slabs on wood as part of the workshop kit. This artwork above is something I'm working on for!

THREE: Repeat Pattern Stamps for AnthillMade these giant stamps for Anthill x LAB Home collection!

FOUR: Stamps on PillowsHere are some samples of the pillows & stamps. There are 5 different designs with 5 patterns, and they come in 2 sizes. They'll be for sale starting October. Can't wait! :) (Photo above from Anthill)

FIVE: LAB on LiveLoveLolzI just want to take a moment to say... I love Karrots! My dream is to talk like her. :P She's the podcast host of the super funny online show LiveLoveLolz, and when she invited me over to be a guest on the show, I immediately agreed (because I wanted to meet Yaya)! You can check their site to watch their episodes, or subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.

SIX: Venus ExhibitA few of my prints were included in the Venus Exhibit in A Little Piece of Sky in Cebu. The opening event looked like so much madness. I'm so sad that I missed it!
Postcard-sized Craft Prints
Photos are from ALPS Facebook Page.

SEVEN: Instagram ProjectWhat an honor to be part of this exhibit organized by The Podium. It's a photo exhibit of some Manila creatives of Instagram, and will run from August 29 to September 4. I do hope you can drop by and see it!

----------------- = -----------------

Happy Sunday, everyone!:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Provide. Pack. Pray.

If you are in the Philippines and are able to read this, I hope that you are well, safe, and dry. Manila and nearby provinces are currently experiencing heavy, non-stop rainfall + severe flooding brought by tropical storm Maring.

Last Sunday, PJ and I were on the road back home from Batangas when it started to rain heavily. Then all of a sudden, our car's wipers just conked out, leaving us with zero visibility on the expressway, at a hundred kilometers per hour! It was pretty scary. Good thing there were no cars beside us! We pulled to the shoulder, and inched the car to the nearest exit. It was a Sunday, so all auto service shops were closed, and the few mechanics who did open their doors were already drunk! We had to stay in Laguna for the night, and prayed for better weather in case we couldn't get the car fixed. Thankfully, our tito and cousin who live in the same province brought a mechanic with them the next morning, but even after the wipers were fixed, we couldn't leave because the expressway was impassable due to flooding in Southwoods. As soon as we heard from news reports that the expressway was clear, we made a run for it and drove back home. Thanks to our friends, for the concern, and to our family in Laguna for helping us!

Due to the storm, many families (about 28,000) have been displaced, and are cramped in evacuation centers. If you are well, able, and willing to help, you can PROVIDE, PACK, or at the very least, PRAY. Below is a list of some relief operations in Metro Manila.

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, August 21), Pino and Pipino will be operating a relief kitchen in our QC branch (39 Malingap st, Teachers Vill). If you want to help out or donate, please send us ingredients for SANDWICH-making and packing. Eco-friendly packaging will appreciated. If you want to volunteer, please come at 1pm. We will start accepting ingredients (and cash donations) as early as 9am. Hope you can help spread the word.

Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid is also accepting donations for their relief operations.


Visit Moms for Moms on Facebook for more information.

Do drop me an e-mail at if you have information on other relief operations for donations and volunteers, so I can post it here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Watercolor Workshop in Davao!

I'll be teaching a Watercolor Workshop in Davao on Sunday, August 25!

Fill up the form below to register for the Watercolor & Rubber-cut Crafternoons in Davao.

Click here and here to view photos of past watercolor crafternoons.

P.S. Manila peeps, here's the sign-up form for the next Watercolor Crafternoons in QC! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hand-sewn Bag #2

Some of the best craft projects start with leftover materials. In this case, I picked up the scraps from the last Leather Crafternoon, paired it with some indigenous Philippine fabric from Anthill, and then a few backstitches led to this:
a leather + fabric fold-over clutch
I cut up some rectangular panels: 2 rectangular panels of fabric of equal length, and 1 panel of leather slightly longer than the fabric's length. Worked on the bag from inside-out. Folded the leather in half, and attached the fabric on both ends of the leather. I used backstitch all the way. (Didn't use a pattern, I just said a prayer with every stitch, hoping it would turn out okay. :P) Once the panels were attached, I sewed the sides from the bottom up.I attached the zipper on top (make sure to leave the zipper slightly open), and then by cutting some fringe on some scrap leather, I made a tassel for the zipper pull.
When all the sewing is done, open the zipper, and flip the bag inside-out.

Giving this to a friend as a welcome home present!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday7: Weekend Whirl

ONEA bag of chocolate merengue from SwellSweets!

TWOHair day with Patty at Tokyo Posh Powerplant. Saw Danica bopis (private joke, hehe) there, too! Yummy dessert bar by Sugar & Spice and clips from Goody!

THREEGot my tattlys! Gonna distribute these temporary tattoos at the Stationery Swap this week.

FOURInspired by a mother's day card I gave her, my mom asked me to make a pop-out paper bouquet for the opening of Chef Jessie's new restaurant, 100 Revolving Restaurant at the 33rd floor of MDC building along Libis. (Mom taught the staff how to execute it!:P) The revolving area of the restaurant gives you a scenic view of the city, and makes a complete rotation in 2.5 hours--just in time for you to finish your meal. We celebrated Dad's birthday here last Saturday!

FIVEBreakfast Club

Jean + Eric, Euge + Em, PJ + Ale

Balcony Brekky
Fresh lemonade, hot tsokolate, and freshly brewed coffee.(Food photos from Em)

SIXHappy smiles of my Leather Crafternoon students at Burger Project, where we pushed creativity and dexterity to the limit! :P 

SEVENThe first Brass & Silver Jewelry tandem workshop with me and Mansy. I had so much fun at the workshop, I'm thinking I want a whole day for jewelry making! We made real jewellery from silver clay and brass. My hands still hurt but my crafty heart is happy. ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!