Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You and Goodbye

Before I cause any panic, let me just clarify that I am talking to plants.

(On second thought, maybe you should be more worried now, haha!)

Last week, my dad was in the hospital for dengue. He's okay now. :) It's a good thing that he was admitted early, and was far from the danger zone, but we all started to get scared when his platelets were continuously dropping.

I googled for natural dengue cures, and found this: Papaya Leaf Extract.

To prepare this, you need to de-vein the papaya leaves, and juice it. (If you are using a blender, then strain the pulp.) It's really strong and bitter, so I mixed 1/4 glass of papaya leaf extract it with 3/4 glass pineapple juice, and added a squeeze of lemon. (For some reason, orange juice just made it more bitter.)

After my dad drank a couple of glasses of the juice, his platelets went up by 10 points the next morning! Of course, we don't solely attribute the positive results to papaya leaves, because he could have been well on his way to recovery, but his platelets were going down until he drank the juice. And really, there is no cure for dengue, just constant hydration. So what have you go to lose with papaya leaf juice, right?
In line with this psycho-ness (of talking to plants), I decided to watercolor an egg. I had been saving our organic brown eggshells for craft purposes, and decided to just paint on one already. To paint on an egg, you should use very little water, only to activate the pigment.Thank you, Papaya Leaves!

The second part of this entry is about saying Goodbye to Mushrooms.

It has been a sad, sad, saaaaad realization for me that my stomach cannot digest mushrooms. I have experimented with different kinds of mushrooms and no fail, they all make my stomach bad. Like growling with acid + traumatic bathroom experiences kind of bad. It's so weird! This has happened to me also when I accidentally drank soup with beef stock. I mean, that's meat. But mushrooms?! Has any other vegetarian experienced this? I love mushrooms, so I kept pushing it and allowed myself to still consume them (especially since every other vegetarian dish here in Manila has mushrooms), and every time, I got the same bad results.

I think I'm ready to let the 'shrooms go, and it's time to say goodbye.
Thank you for reading this sabaw post, and I hope that writing about the papaya leaf extract will save lives.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!