Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July: The Independence of PJ & Alessa

It's been a month since PJ and I moved into our new home, so we decided to celebrate the 4th of July with a condo-blessing bbq party! Above is our red white and blue cake with marshmallow icing and pinwheels. I embroidered these tea lights above, but decided to just use the lamps and ditch the lights :P
Thanks to Tita Ditas for helping us fill the balloons with confetti!

The party was held in the function room of our condo.
(Haha, hindi kami kakasya sa unit namin! :P)PJ made these 3D/2D paper stars for the tables. And though I don't have a better photo, I loved our white foldable wooden chairs that I rented out. (I hate the look of monobloc chairs, so this was a must for me! :P)
I also made this paper wreath from board paper.
The kids popped all the balloons! My friends and I only had 1 left to pop! :P
Photos from Jasmine and Jello

Ahhh and THE FOOD!! We had Pino, Pipino, and Burger Project cater the event. I ordered a special menu of grilled chicken, fish and tofu tacos (DIY!), mini beef burgers, and vegetarian jambalaya. The bbq was from Pepeton's Grill in Mother Ignacia street. Dragonfruit was PJ's pasalubong from Laoag and lychees were from my mom.Thanks to Donna for the food photos!:)

And then the dessert! We had patchwork red with and blue cake, chocolate crinkles from JP, and vegan cheesecake cups in banana and blueberry flavors, our newest dessert at Pipino! :)
As soon as the priest arrived, we headed to our unit for the blessing.Thanks to Tita Florian for these photos!Pasabog and photo ops! 
Our white space doesn't look so bare anymore! Finally stuck my artworks on the wall :)Pillows on the bed are from Anthill Fabric Gallery, available soon.

Thanks to our family and friends for celebrating the 4th of July with us.

Happy Friday, everyone!