Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Download: August 2013 Printable Calendar

I'm still in the middle of some creative hibernation, but I'm going up for a bit of air because whaaaaa-- August is here! Well, tomorrow it'll be here. Haha. I always thought the busier work months were from August to December, but it seems like the whole world has decided that July can't be too soon to work on 2014 projects. (Wait lang, I'm not yet even done with my Stationery Swap project!! :P)
I like rearranging my pencil case every so often, and changing the tools inside, depending on my mood. For a while, all it had inside were rubber carving tools. And then recently, I was all about micron pens. Right now, I'm back to good old pencils. Though I don't really use a pencil for watercolor work (I'm too lazy), I do like lettering with it. My favorite pencils right now are these carpenter pencils that I bought from an art store in HongKong a while back. At first, I thought they were just called rectangular pencils, until I found out that they're square-ish to keep them from rolling away from, well, the carpenters that use them. (Oo nga naman.) It was only able to use the pencils after I got this special sharpener, which sharpens sideways, instead of in a clockwise direction. I also love how you can also use the pencil as an italic nib for calligraphic strokes.
Kraft Paper + Watercolor + Pencil = this month's calendar in Filipino
(in celebration of Buwan ng Wika / National Language Month)

Watch out for the August-September Craft Schedule
+ Signups for new workshops tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crafternoon Video

Music by: Selah Sue - I Truly Love (Marlon Hoffstadt Edit)

Thanks to my friend Cholo of @iamagentleman for making this video about the Rubber-cut Workshop at Pino Malingap! If you'd like to join us, the next Rubber-cut Stamping Workshop will be in Trilogy Boutique Alabang this Saturday, July 20. There are only a couple of slots left!

Sign up for the workshop here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Join the Next Leather Crafternoon!

After about two months, we had a Craft Camp reunion yesterday at Pino.
Hey Kessy and I Try DIY set up a Craft Pop-Up Shop where they sold craft tools and supplies. Watch out for more Craft Pop-Ups around the metro! :)
I set up a LifeAfterBreakfast Leather Craft Station where participants could choose their leather and other findings to make bags, keychains, bracelets, and other accessories.
Campers catching up over crafts

And then everyone started to get into serious workmode!Awesome bag by Abby
Super cute robot bag charms / keychain by Kate
Braided bracelet by Nikka, Clutches and book corner by Aziel, Purse by Tatin, and Bracelet by Tyn. These are all hand-sewn! :)Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday! :)

Oh, and here's what I made:A sling bag using semi-metallic leather with dark orange straps. (Thanks to Mansy for modeling it :P)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You and Goodbye

Before I cause any panic, let me just clarify that I am talking to plants.

(On second thought, maybe you should be more worried now, haha!)

Last week, my dad was in the hospital for dengue. He's okay now. :) It's a good thing that he was admitted early, and was far from the danger zone, but we all started to get scared when his platelets were continuously dropping.

I googled for natural dengue cures, and found this: Papaya Leaf Extract.

To prepare this, you need to de-vein the papaya leaves, and juice it. (If you are using a blender, then strain the pulp.) It's really strong and bitter, so I mixed 1/4 glass of papaya leaf extract it with 3/4 glass pineapple juice, and added a squeeze of lemon. (For some reason, orange juice just made it more bitter.)

After my dad drank a couple of glasses of the juice, his platelets went up by 10 points the next morning! Of course, we don't solely attribute the positive results to papaya leaves, because he could have been well on his way to recovery, but his platelets were going down until he drank the juice. And really, there is no cure for dengue, just constant hydration. So what have you go to lose with papaya leaf juice, right?
In line with this psycho-ness (of talking to plants), I decided to watercolor an egg. I had been saving our organic brown eggshells for craft purposes, and decided to just paint on one already. To paint on an egg, you should use very little water, only to activate the pigment.Thank you, Papaya Leaves!

The second part of this entry is about saying Goodbye to Mushrooms.

It has been a sad, sad, saaaaad realization for me that my stomach cannot digest mushrooms. I have experimented with different kinds of mushrooms and no fail, they all make my stomach bad. Like growling with acid + traumatic bathroom experiences kind of bad. It's so weird! This has happened to me also when I accidentally drank soup with beef stock. I mean, that's meat. But mushrooms?! Has any other vegetarian experienced this? I love mushrooms, so I kept pushing it and allowed myself to still consume them (especially since every other vegetarian dish here in Manila has mushrooms), and every time, I got the same bad results.

I think I'm ready to let the 'shrooms go, and it's time to say goodbye.
Thank you for reading this sabaw post, and I hope that writing about the papaya leaf extract will save lives.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Purple Basil Pesto

Last Sunday, I chanced upon some Purple Basil from Eli Organics and Farm Needs. You can look for their stall in the Sidcor market every Sunday morning until 2pm. Organic veggies sell fast, so it's best to go early. :) 

In celebration of my new blender / food processor / nut grinder (hooray!), I decided to make some pesto with my pretty purple find.
You can use this as a dip, sandwich spread, or pasta sauce!

Sharing this recipe because I think it's one of the best things I've made! :P
I make my vegan parmesan cheese in advance and store it in an airtight container.
I mix 3/4 cups crushed walnuts or hazelnuts + 1/4 cup nutritional yeast + 1-2 tsp sea salt.

And the for last night's dinner, I made pesto pasta with olives and sundried tomatoes.

Of course, if you can't find purple basil, you can always use regular green basil for this recipe. ;)


Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July: The Independence of PJ & Alessa

It's been a month since PJ and I moved into our new home, so we decided to celebrate the 4th of July with a condo-blessing bbq party! Above is our red white and blue cake with marshmallow icing and pinwheels. I embroidered these tea lights above, but decided to just use the lamps and ditch the lights :P
Thanks to Tita Ditas for helping us fill the balloons with confetti!

The party was held in the function room of our condo.
(Haha, hindi kami kakasya sa unit namin! :P)PJ made these 3D/2D paper stars for the tables. And though I don't have a better photo, I loved our white foldable wooden chairs that I rented out. (I hate the look of monobloc chairs, so this was a must for me! :P)
I also made this paper wreath from board paper.
The kids popped all the balloons! My friends and I only had 1 left to pop! :P
Photos from Jasmine and Jello

Ahhh and THE FOOD!! We had Pino, Pipino, and Burger Project cater the event. I ordered a special menu of grilled chicken, fish and tofu tacos (DIY!), mini beef burgers, and vegetarian jambalaya. The bbq was from Pepeton's Grill in Mother Ignacia street. Dragonfruit was PJ's pasalubong from Laoag and lychees were from my mom.Thanks to Donna for the food photos!:)

And then the dessert! We had patchwork red with and blue cake, chocolate crinkles from JP, and vegan cheesecake cups in banana and blueberry flavors, our newest dessert at Pipino! :)
As soon as the priest arrived, we headed to our unit for the blessing.Thanks to Tita Florian for these photos!Pasabog and photo ops! 
Our white space doesn't look so bare anymore! Finally stuck my artworks on the wall :)Pillows on the bed are from Anthill Fabric Gallery, available soon.

Thanks to our family and friends for celebrating the 4th of July with us.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Stitch Camp

For the second crafty field trip, we spent the day in the duyans of the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, stitching the day away. A Saturday couldn't be steadier! ;)
The early morning trip was quick, and the roadside views were spectacular.
While waiting for breakfast, we did an introduction circle, and a quick cross-stitch stamping activity.
Our artworks turned into placemats, as we were served a hearty buffet of Enchanted Farm produce.
Cabanas with duyans served as our craft space for the day.
DMC was there to provide thread and materials for the participants. I prepared travel-sized stitch guides as well. Embroidery is good company when you're waiting in line for something. :P

In the morning, I taught huck/Swedish style embroidery, one of my favorite crafts from high school. Photo Credit: DMC

Then in the afternoon, we did freehand embroidery.L is for Lanot! This is going up on our wall ;)
Nat & Amor doing huck embroidery.

Mansy and Isa made friendship bracelets (the abundance of thread was too tempting). Isa taught us how to do the box braid, using fingers to weave. The little girls in the Gk community at the farm took home some bracelets, too!Photo Credit: DMC
We all took home lootbags and cross-stitch stamps from DMC!
The participants with their works. 'Til the next crafty field trip! ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Download: July 2013 Printable Calendar

This month, I thought of making an ink-saving calendar, which features one of my favorite things to make: linear patterns!

And here's an idea: print the calendar on sticker paper and stick it on any notebook!
Download the July 2013 Printable Calendar here.