Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday7: This Week's Meals + Meetups

I usually do a Sunday7 post by uploading photos from my phone, and selecting my week's highlights. I wanted to start out the post with a couple of photos of the meals I've prepared this week, but as I scroll down my pics, I keep finding more food shots to include! Proof of domestication! I'm having fun preparing vegetarian food in interesting (and slightly familiar) ways so that my non-veg husband can appreciate it as well (though he'll eat anything, haha). Anyway, I will try my best to not make this solely a food post. If only to prove to myself that I have a life and don't spend all day in the kitchen. Haha :P

ONEKale Chips. Just drizzle some olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and nutritional yeast on kale and bake for 8 minutes! Kale is amazing because it has nutrients that are mostly found in meat, such as protein, calcium, iron and omega3. Yung kai-lan (na hindi mo pinapansin sa grocery noon), is a variety of kale, which grows here in SouthEast Asia. The curlier types of kale grow in cooler climates, some even withstanding winter chill.
I will race you to the Sidcor Sunday Market (at Eton Centris, EDSA cor Quezon Ave, northbound side) to buy kale and other organic veggies. You need to look around for produce that is organic, because not everything they sell there is. I also like buying from stalls that are bare, and not as full, to support the smaller farmers ;) I was able to get yummy thai coriander from there, which I added to pho!

TWOThis is a panCAKE! Haha. I can never make perfect pancakes. Maybe it's because I always alter the recipe (4 tbls of chia seed gel = 1 egg; chia seed gel = 1 tbls chia + 6 tbls water + 15mins). Anyway, this panCAKE is the perfect way to disguise imperfection. I layered these whole wheat and vegan pancakes with toasted almonds, veg cheese, and chocolate chips.

Aside from Sidcor, I also get stuff from Healthy Options. It's a pricey investment, but you can get by with just shopping for the staples (which can last long) such as whole wheat flour, quinoa, chia seeds, liquid aminos, etc. Some groceries carry these items as well. Santi's also has a produce section, and sometimes I buy organic eggs there because there's one near our home.

 THREEMonggo Guisado with spinach, tofu skin (as pork replacement) and seaweed for that fishy taste. I would cook this again and again and again. It's the first Filipino dish I've successfully made (I usually just invent stuff. haha, sorry Peej). I got the seaweed from Fuji Mart, the Japanese grocer along Timog Ave. Organic Monggo is from Green Daisy Whole and Organic Foods (20 Maginhawa St, UP Village, QC / Contact 029222409). Now do you see why QC is so awesome?? :P

FOURQuinoa, Sugarbeets & Spinach Burger patties. I'm sure this would have turned more red if I had a food processor. I'm so proud of this recipe, though, because it's so yummy! In a rice cooker, I cooked a cup of quinoa + 2 cups water, and placed the steamer on top filled with a cup of spinach and 2 beets. While cooking, mix in a bow: 1 red onion, and 4 cloves of garlic (chopped), 1/3 cup nutritional yeast, 1/2 tsp sea salt. You can mix in some breadcrumbs, or opt to leave it out if you're gluten-free. Once cooked, chop the spinach and beets, and add everything into the bowl. Form into patties, and grill. Organic sugarbeets and spinach are from BeOPA (Benguet Organic Producers Association / Contact: 09154763910).

FIVEUsing the same ingredients in #4 above (spinach, quinoa, kale), I made a Quinoa Salad. Same procedure of cooking quinoa while steaming the beets and spinach on top, this time, together with the broccoli and french beans. When cooked, chop up the beets, and spinach, and dice 1 red onion and 1 tomato. Mix it with the couscous in a bowl, and squeeze half of a lemon over it (save the other half for your water ;P). Add salt and pepper to season. Sooo easy.

SIXPako Salad. Pako is an edible fern, popular in the province where they just pick it off the roadside, but not so popular in meat-centric Manila. I just chopped up half a red onion, 2 tomatoes (because PJ loves tomatoes), and mixed some apple cider vinegar with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and pepper.

SEVENI was craving for Shabu-shabu, so I tried to make some. TRIED. Haha. Instead of squid balls, I used VEAT, which is soy-based mock chicken, and can be found in Shopwise, and some Rustan's groceries. Cooked it in vegetable stock with broccoli, eggplant, and malunggay (from our backyard). Served with looooootssss of garlic + liquid aminos (soy sauce replacer).

There are mooooore photos, but let's keep it at 7 for now. :P

In other news, Columbia Pictures invited us to an advanced screening of White House Down. I haven't raved about a movie in a long time, but maaaaan this was great! (Mom, Dad, you have to see this one.)

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch White House Down on July 3.
1. Channing Tatum. Yes, that is reason enough.
2. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx's surprisingly great comedic chemistry.
3. There is no romantic love story. This trumps all action movies that wuss out into a love story in the end.
Thanks to Patty for the photos! That's Pat, Patty, PJ and me with our two new bffs in the middle, Channing and Jamie. wahahaha!

Aaaand, surprise, surprise!
Davao, we're crafting with you this August!!! :)Met up with Mansy and April, and we're planning for a bunch of workshops in Davao this August! I'm also going to do a craft workshop with FLOW there! (Please watch out early next week for the new schedule of crafternoons for July and August.)

Happy Sunday to all! :)