Thursday, June 13, 2013

J'adore Washi Door

One random afternoon, I asked Mansy to collect all the black and white washi tape that they sell. I had a home project in mind.Black and white washi from HeyKessy

You see, our condo is so tiny, so even the bathroom is tiny. When your bathroom is tiny, water goes everywhere. That's just my guess why they used plastic for the bathroom door.But plastic? Not cute. Haha!

So, my solution was to washi-fy it!

I just used a step ladder and started from the top, playing with geometric patterns that the washi could make. I saved a box in the middle on purpose, so that we can use it as a whiteboard...for love letters (haha) and reminders.
After an hour and a half, this is how it turned out:
Yay! Much cuter than before! I love how washi can prettify something so easily.