Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Few Days in Our New Home

Guys, I'm finally growing up. :P

Last weekend, PJ and I (unofficially) moved into our new home. It's a little box of a place, but it's all ours. Our furniture actually came a few weeks ago, but we both have been out of town a lot, and only found time to move our personal things last Saturday.

I'm not really the Pinterest-type, so we don't have pegs for our home. But PJ, being the super practical one, thought that it be best to stay in the place first and build on it as we need. I think it's working, because in less than a week here, we finally have the basics covered, save for our cabinets and closets, which are still being constructed.
Our identical workstations
The possibilities of a blank slate!
I'm excited to make more art for our home :)

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, we DO NOT starve. Haha. I cook, but no red meat is allowed in our tiny kitchen. So PJ has his protein, and of course, I share my veggie dishes.

For breakfast today, we had 7-grain pancakes with cookie butter and cream cheese, with some mangosteen and lemon water.
A couple of lunches ago, we had baked veggies and "chicken" pandan, turmeric fried rice, and vegan malunggay lasagna!

And perfect timing, I finally got my hands on a copy of Elle Decoration Philippines' June issue, where my watercolor work is featured together with awesome artists Arlene Sy, Isabella Legaspi, and Fozzy Castro-Dayrit. Can't wait to browse the pages and start gathering ideas for our blank slate! ;)Do grab a copy of the magazine to see the entire stationery feature! Beautiful work and styling!
And lastly, the view that I have been waking up to. (I love clouds!!)

Aiming to finish decorating this month so that we can throw a housewarming party already! :P