Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doodle Pages

While cleaning out my stuff in my room, I found my chest of notebooks, some all the way from gradeschool. I realised this: I have a journal for EVERYTHING.
I have a journal for travel, for airplane meals, for my current favorite things, a visual diary for my deepest (but not so dark) thoughts, a diary of positivity doodles, a notebook of lists (yes, just ALL lists), and even a break-up journal, which I only write on post-breakup (and I hope never, ever to write on it again :P), journals of songs and poems I wrote in gradeschool & highschool (I feel like barfing just at the thought of these), and more pages which I am not quite ready to show to the world, haha.

I have, however, managed to find some non-cringe-inducing pages and photos. Here's a peek into some of my doodled works! :)
In the last Creative Journaling & Doodling crafternoon, I asked participants to draw out their grocery list. I find this exercise to be really therapeutic because sometimes, my thoughts run at a thousand kilometers per minute and drawing/doodling forces my mind to slow it down.
In watercolor crafternoons, one of the activities is to draw the things inside your bag. This is what's in mine (all the time). Yup, I have my watercolor set with me wherever I go! It's my personal commitment to living creatively. ;)
I love doodling, and love restaurants that have paper placemats or even better, paper table covers.
A shot of my notebook during one Pino group meeting. Doodles > Notes. Haha, oops! :P
Practicing calligraphy with the names of my tools.
Sometimes, I stick to the obvious words because my head is sabaw.
Random scalloped heart.

In case you haven't noticed, I love drawing out entire alphabet sets.Aside from paper, I 'doodle' in the sand...
on rubber stamps...
on chalkboards...on fabric, using thread...
...and on wood.

But, right now, I am enjoying the most basic doodling style --
using just a micron/pigment pen on white paper.I'm obviously not the best drawer (I see the world in two dimensions, that's why),  but I do love the fact that my clients trust my style enough and allow me to add a lot of hand-drawn elements into my designs.

Left hand doodling:I'm also currently doodling on weirdly shaped stretched canvas, as I fix up the interiors of our new home (in time for next week's housewarming party!).

One thing's for sure: doodling definitely helps to defrag messy brains. I propose that everyone start a doodle journal! So that we can all let the psycho-ness in our heads run free, wildly inked on paper! :P