Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painting with Thread

I've been crafting every day, both for work and play. When I do play, I like doing things freehand to let the creativity flow. No patterns, no plans. The results of each creative piece is a hundred times more rewarding when you create something literally from scratch, with no guides! These embroidered pieces are part of the collection that I'm doing for our new home. ;)
Though work gets busier and busier, crafts like embroidery help keep me focused, and I decide where to place the next stitch, how long it should be, and in what color. It's such a lola craft, but so relaxing!
Huck embroidery is something that I learned in high school, and I've only made one piece since then. It's super easy, and since I love making patterns, I realize that it's one of my favorite types of stitching.