Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Tea Party

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums! :P
We had a pre-Mother's Day Tea party last week at TWG in Resorts World.
My cousins Ate Ria, Rizza, and Noelle arrived carrying bags loaded with fresh flower centerpieces and paper flowers for each setting. I calligraphied everyone's names for the placecards. (Craftiness runs in the family, hehe.)
The Saluds: Amelia Salud and Winter Salud, named after our Lola.

Some photo op chaos courtesy of my nephews and nieces: Kai, Amelia, Winter and Hoops
Amelia likes Tito PJ! Cos he has a flower in his ear. Haha :P
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!! :) I love you!
Tea Party Time!!
It was a late lunch for me, so I had this wonderful vegetarian lasagna and some cold Morrocan mint tea.
The Moms and the kids.
And here's the plate of macarons that we were able to salvage from the boys and babies!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, especially to my mama-in-law who's in LA right now! :)