Friday, May 10, 2013

E&E's Crafty Wedding in Batanes

Over a week ago, PJ and I flew to Batanes for Euge & Em's wedding. It was a foggy morning, but we were blessed with perfect weather all throughout the weekend.
Monogram and doodles that I made for the couple
The day before the wedding, the whole group had dinner during sunset at the lighthouse. Afterwards, we headed back to Fundacion Pacita for a craft marathon to prepare as much as we could before the wedding day.
The couple's favorite quote served as wall art in Fundacion's dining hall. PJ hand-wrote the A3 sized posters using letraset markers, and we made borders around them using HeyKessy washi tape! (Thanks to the crew: Dar, Jean, Jaz, Ann and Meg for working on the washi!)

The wedding venue/dining hall on a regular day:And ta-dah! Here it is after we pimped it up with craftiness! :P
(We removed all the chairs in the dining hall and had them replaced with colorful chairs that matched the sunset theme of the wedding.)
The wedding cake was brought in all the way from Manila and had the doodled monogram in sunset hues. We picked fresh flowers from the garden and used them to decorate the table.

On the morning of the wedding day, I put my game/craft-face on and assembled 9 boutonnieres and 9 fan corsages. Flowers are so abundant in Batanes, and we had these picked off the roadside.
The woven fans are made locally in Batanes. Instead of wrist or pin corsages, I made these for the ladies on the entourage.
Em had their monogram embroidered on all the table napkins. In the center of the plate is a bottle of M&M's. Jean did the watercolor & calligraphy on all the bottle stickers! Team effort! ;)
Chef Edward of Pino prepared a delicious and gorgeous wedding lunch. On the left is salad with flowers (my special veg serving, because all other salads had chicharon, haha), and the cheese platter which was served after the meal. Yup, those are cranberries over cookie butter! Yum!
For the giveaways, I made a Souvenir Stamp Station, which Dar helped set up. 
Guests could choose their blank notecard sets and make their own prints using the stamps I made. Here are some of the cards I made:
Congrats and best wishes to the lovely couple: E&E! :)